Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

By Laura K. Kerr

The Red Book has been described as Jung’s creative response to the threat of madness, yet it has also been seen as a deliberate exercise in self-analysis. I believe it’s likely both. When creating The Red Book, Jung knew he was on the verge of madness, and he also knew his analytical skills and expertise as a psychiatrist were his best chance at alleviating suffering, if not creating the conditions for transformation.

In many regards, The Red Book reads like a healing journey — a phrase often used to describe the reclaiming of self after a history of abuse — which is a transformative period that happens for many people committed to overcoming early life trauma. On the way to an authentic self there is first the need to step away from the person one became to survive abuse. Those confronted with this journey…

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My New CyberHome

July 3, 2013

Please visit my new website/blog. That’s where it’s all happening these days. It includes all of the archives from this blog, all of my new blog posts AND all the goodies that were on my old ScottFree2b website. This blog is a lame duck – nothing else is going to be happening here. 

Thank you thank you for your continued interest in Breathing (this blog) but honestly, we can all continue breathing in the new venue 😉 

Re-Blogging Central

May 8, 2013

As I hope many of you know already, I have moved my blogging activity to my new website On that site I have included the archives from this site. It is where my new posts will appear as well as all of my work from the old website and all of the services I offer. 

I have just discovered, though, that there is a newish wordpress perk with which you can Re-Blog a post that you like from another blogger. I love this. Problem is that it doesn’t work for self hosted sites. Actually that’s OK. I can still Re-Blog posts I think are great and they end up here! 

So this is now my official Re-Blogging place and my Official Home is It all works out. So if you like the things I am re-blogging I welcome you to my new world here!

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

1Tim-RyanRepresentative Tim Ryan (D-OH) discusses how mindfulness can offer an effective—and bipartisan—remedy for problems plaguing our schools, hospitals, veterans, and society at large. A talk he delivered for the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley in May, 2012.

This video discusses the wide implications for mindfulness and meditation for all human beings.

He talks about Father Thomas Keating’s Centering Prayer in the video above which is a form of Christian Mindfulness Meditation really. There are many ways people learn to do this in all cultures, religions and countries all over the world. This is something that belongs to all humanity, not any one group or religion. Ryan, in fact, underscores it’s basically just about paying attention. Which is how I’ve talked about meditation as well: Meditation is the PRACTICE of learning to PAY ATTENTION. That is all.

I’m reposting the below post about Rep. Ryan:

Sharing this…

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Saturday mellow

May 4, 2013

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

Meditation – Keith Jarrett

If you don’t know Keith Jarrett he’s a pianist and this is a piano piece that is called meditation. Given I often post actual meditations on this blog I thought I might need to point that out.

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Christa Avampato

I love Anne Lamott. She is among my favorite writers because of her raw, honest turn of phrase and her fearlessness that allows her to cut right to the chase. In her efforts to thoroughly understand herself, she is a mirror for her readers.

In 2009, she wrote this gorgeous article in O, The Oprah Magazine, about how to be who you are meant to be. Her advice is this: stop. Figure out what to stop doing, who to stop pleasing, and where you don’t need to be. It’s akin to the advice that learning what not to do gets us closer to figuring out what to do. And then I would also add that you meditate because while you may be able to stop physically, you need to also give your brain a break from its tireless whirr of thoughts.

Enjoy this article and then tuck it away…

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