At the core of all things is an elegant simplicity. It is my gift to see and understand that simplicity (with help from the largely untapped wisdom of animals and nature) and pass it on to others through life coaching and energy healing.

I am not highly trained in any tradition whatsoever. Nor have I earned any academic degrees in anything at all. Whatever I have to offer comes to me by way of grace. I have had a lot of metaphysical experiences all my life, the first major life enhancing one, that I can recall, at age 4. I didn’t study to get that experience nor any since then. They were given.

I have explored a lot of interesting information, about the way things are through books, and I have studied various disciplines, from the violin to Buddhism with some amazing teachers. I have paid little to no attention to most of what any had to say. I have only ever listened to heart speak. Some things I have stumbled across in my journey have resonated in that chamber. Most not.

I have no preconceptions about the way things are. What seems to me to be truth one day may pass like the wind through the trees and disappear the next. I have nothing at all to recommend me but the energy which creates worlds flowing through me. Without clients and friends and students for that energy to flow to, I haven’t even that. Fortunately there are those who find they are able to use me to help nudge them to their own hearts desire. It is a nice arrangement and I am thankful. All I ask is — more.

Trish Scott;


7 Responses to “About”

  1. Jeannette Says:

    Dear, lovely, wise, adorable Trish,
    Again you came up with a wonderful initiative! Yes, I do use you from time to time to nudge me to my own hearts desire, and I am grateful for the opportunity you offer. I also want ….more!!!!!! We will keep in touch, for a very long fruitful time, I hope. God bless you!!!!!!!!!

  2. scottfree2b Says:

    Well now that starts my day with a big warm heart and a smile! Thank you Jeannette for all that and for the FIRST comment on my new blog!

  3. Pam Says:

    I find as I read your words that they resonate without me having to think hard about them because they just resonate. And as I breathe today and tomorrow and in the days ahead, I will hope to also be breathing for my friend Irene, who has been told she is dying of cancer. I am hoping that she can find other Breath and believe that she can live. Any who would send loving/living thoughts to her would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks Trish.

  4. scottfree2b Says:

    Hi Pam, good to see you here!

    People who know I am a healer sometimes say to me, “you healed me didn’t you?” after they are recovered from a rough patch they had told me about. Well, the answer is yes and no. As they tell me of their concerns I am resonating with them and yes I do breath while they are telling their story :)and yes I do breathe with them with healing intent. Period. I don’t go home and do a healing session unless I am asked to do so. I don’t go messing about in peoples energy bodies without being asked specifically (and paid :)) to do so. But yes I do breathe. And it does work at some level to alleviate suffering.

    So when Irene comes to mind, as she does from time to time since reading your post, I breathe as I resonate with her name in a way that includes her. I think the same will happen for many others who read your post whether they are aware of it or not. When all of the clutter of our lives dies away, as it does when we are made more aware of the larger reality, this is a natural happening.

  5. I love your site. Keep it up !

  6. April Belle Says:

    Trish, I am so excited to find your blog (thank you for commenting on mine). Someone else said it so beautifully… I also resonate with your words. There is a marvelous clarity that just shines.

    I will be back to explore in more depth…

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