“We’re all so lucky to be where we are today.” Paul Jolley from American Idol

March 21, 2013

I wasn’t a fan but he is cute and did a fairly good job. But I find this quote is golden, “We’re all so lucky to be where we are today.” I think anyone who was able to watch that on TV is really in that number of LUCKY people.

I personally live in a REALLY modest home, by American standards, but it is my home. I own it. The bank doesn’t own it – I own it. My Jeep Cherokee is old I guess, 1996, but paid for and suits me well. I have a social security income WAY below the poverty line but I occasionally get some work, within my field, and it fills me spiritually and fills in the gaps financially. I’m no longer motivated to sell myself. If people really need what I have to offer, they will find me.

That puts me, I believe, at approximately the top 1 or maybe 2% of the best off people on the whole planet, maybe. Maybe or maybe not financially, don’t have the figures, but certainly in terms of fulfillment.  I LOVE that I am so fortunate. 

Tell me how fortunate you are. I know you are fortunate or you wouldn’t have a computer, nor the time to read this.



3 Responses to ““We’re all so lucky to be where we are today.” Paul Jolley from American Idol”

  1. Harry Riley Says:

    I’m in a very similar situation, Trish, only I don’t have a Jeep and I don’t own this apartment. I could live ridiculously well on the single person’s tax allowance… if I actually earned that much:) I am indeed happier, richer and healthier than I’ve ever been. Way to go:)

    • Trish Scott Says:

      Isn’t it nice to get to the place in your life where enough is enough! Good going Harry!

      • Harry Riley Says:

        Trish, it’s amazing how little is enough. I’m still finding stuff I no longer need, and passing it on. If enough of us did this, we’d change the world:)

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