A Little Love Song (to all of you and everything else)

June 30, 2012

I saw this tweet today and it struck an old chord.

We can never find our completion in another person. So when we put God in the “you” of love songs, we see how true they all are. Byron Katie

Back at the end of my marriage I was going through a very confusing time. I’m sure most do when they are contemplating leaving a life they have been building with another for many years and find themselves unhappy beyond endurance. I had gone back to school, more as an escape than for any practical purpose. I was studying music and took other classes which filled me in some way. One of those classes was poetry writing. Poetry is wonderful for those of us that find it the expression of choice when filled with angst.

At the same time I was really crushing on one of my instructors. He taught jazz theory. He was a beautiful saxophonist and you KNOW what that sound does to one yearning for…  completion.

Well anyway, I expressed my feelings in a little poem. It is all that came of my crush on the saxophonist but many years later I was living in England, studying the violin and practicing Buddhism. I was resurrecting the poem for a possible song when I realized that it was really about everyone and everything and that the angst that had led me to be in the place to write it had been my disconnection from my own belonging in ALL.

So here it is, my little love song to all of you and everything else.


I see my eyes in your eyes
My smile in your smile too

When you are awkward I see my fear
And I see my love in your grace

Sometimes I see my joy in your grin
At others my pain grips your face

It’s a long long time now I’ve wondered why
You’re so difficult to place


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