The Simple Truth

February 26, 2012

Many of the people I work with in Animal Communication, Life Coaching and Energy Healing, tell me of amazing experiences with guides and past lifetimes and visions etc. They know they can tell me about unusual experiences and not be ridiculed. I too have had plenty of unusual experience so I can relate but I do my best to point out the simple truth. Today I read this from Nisargadatta_M. He states it so simply here that I want to share it.

“Nobody came to tell me. Nor was I told so inwardly. In fact, it was only in the beginning when I was making efforts, that I was passing through some strange experiences; seeing lights, hearing voices, meeting gods and goddesses and conversing with them. Once the Guru told me: ‘You are the Supreme Reality’, I ceased having visions and trances and became very quiet and simple. I found myself desiring and knowing less and less, until I could say in utter astonishment: ‘I know nothing, I want nothing.'”


9 Responses to “The Simple Truth”

  1. lock jaw Says:


    i stumbled on ur blog when searching for abraham hicks’ take on alcohol and addictions. i ended up reading many more posts and watching a lot of the videos ud posted.

    sthg in me resonated with ur sincerity and outlook on life death and everything else in between.

    ive surprised myself by deciding to leave a comment here coz ive done a lot of internet trawling without leaving very many paw prints.

    i wish u lots of peace love joy abundance and good health


    l j

  2. Trish Scott Says:

    Lock Jaw :), Thank you so much for leaving a paw print here. It is always wonderful to hear from those who resonate with my offerings. It warms my heart when someone I’ve never known elsewhere, online or off, takes the time to express their appreciation. i wish u lots of peace love joy abundance and good health too. Hope to see you again 🙂

  3. lock jaw Says:

    hello again,

    id like to know if uv done any post on ‘gratitude’ ? id like to know why gratitude is strictly a one way street – great when ur giving but awful when ur expecting it?

    ive felt warm showers tht make me feel connected to source energy and i want to do more whn gratitude is expressed – in a smile even. i think its blessed to give thanks and also to receive it.

    searched high n low fr wht abraham hicks’ opinion on it is , but all i seem to get is – do ur thing and expect nothing in return. i personally wud prefer an acknowledgement , never in kind , or even verbally , but a smile ( a heart felt one ) wud be just perfect .

    am i wrong in expecting an acknowledgement ? do u know of any article where this is discussed? wot wud b ur take on this?

    thankyou .THANKYOU

    l j

  4. Trish Scott Says:

    The things I have written on gratitude are on the page you come to with this link

    Gratitude, like love is so misunderstood. It is in the giving of gratitude and love that the gift is found, not so much in the receiving. When you come to live from the ground of your being you will get genuine appreciation and gratitude from many, but it won’t matter much anymore. It’s nice, yes. What is nicer though is your gratitude and love for others for allowing you the gift of themselves in your life, for being there for you to encourage and/or to learn from. As more and more of your energy runs to others in a loving way the more you will appreciate them and the less you will care if they appreciate you or not.

    Right here right now you are allowing me to send loving, grateful energy your way. It is a wonderful gift which you are giving me. It allows me to run the best of all energy through my being. It lifts my vibration and you know how good that is. Thank you.

    • lock jaw Says:

      thankyou fr taking time out to explain the ‘attitude’ . guess i hv to work on my ‘selfish gene’ some. i live and i learn , remembering certain truths and being reminded abt certain others by teachers like u.

      i am ever so grateful tht the co operative components of the universe put me in touch with evolved souls like you : if u think abt it – wht are the odds – zero to a gazillion?

      so i thank you and i thank that infinite love tht holds it all together

      lots of joy love peace abundance and good health

      l j

  5. Tom D Says:

    Dear Trish,

    Don’t know if you are still posting and responding since the last post seems to be in 2012 but I thought I’d drop a word. Like your website and this post on the “Simple Truth” in particular. It is so simple really, when you understand that you are part of Supreme Reality as Nisargadatta_M said. I’ve got a website on this at — trying to spread the word and grasp it myself. Thanks for your insights and wisdom here

    • Trish Scott Says:

      Thanks for your thoughtful comment Tom. Yes, I am still here and responding but not posting much – not much at all now that you point it out :).

      I don’t have anything left to say that I and others haven’t said a thousand times in a thousand ways and I can also say, I’ve found myself “very quiet and simple” as Nisargadatta_M puts it here and “I found myself desiring and knowing less and less, until I could say in utter astonishment: ‘I know nothing, I want nothing.” Blogging and maintaining websites just doesn’t fit me anymore. Now Twitter – that works!

      Perhaps others will come upon your website here and find it of value. I wish you all the best in your journey.

      • Tom D Says:

        Trish, I can see that in your poem, “I Am.” Hope you don’t mind if I post it on my website (giving you full credit of course) — I think its beautiful!

        Also I agree these things have been said a thousand times but actually that’s the point of my website … putting together the common message from so many (apparently diverse) wisdom traditions. Namaste!

      • Trish Scott Says:

        Tom, yes of course you may use my little poem, thank you.

        As for saying things thousands of times in thousands of ways, I have a little joke, very little.
        How many lightworkers does it take to change a light bulb?
        As many as there are.
        Do as the spirit moves you and you will do well for yourself and others.

        Thank you for your wonderful feedback.

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