All is well

February 11, 2012

In fact all is perfect!

I know, War & Peace and all that. Well, like insecure teenage girls who need to have love proven to them over and over by behaving badly, always testing your unconditional love for them, we humans have to keep playing at that same game in hopes that The Infinite Being will come to us and PROVE that we are indeed loved. We can’t actually believe in our innate belonging so we behave badly over and over to prove to ourselves there IS universal unconditional love. Just as I can’t convince a teenage girl she is loved unconditionally, the universe can not prove its unconditional love of all that is. It is something the girl and the human race must finally come to “know” on their own.

So my wish for humanity is to understand that we innately belong, just as say, the ant and the lion and the rock and the tree, and nothing we can do can change that. Once we tumble to this, there are no problems – maybe little inconveniences, due to trying to fit into a body, but no biggies. We live, we die, we come to understanding. You can rest easy at night knowing that eternity and all within all is home.

P.S. Nothing against teenage girls in particular – it’s just that they are among the very best at acting out the scenario I present here. It happens all the time across all demographics.


2 Responses to “All is well”

  1. Lea Says:

    Good post – and timely. Maybe you saw this video this week: . Uh-huh. I understand the fatherly rage, but yet… the gun is too much, thank you. Talking would have worked better, I remember very well how horrible teenage years were. I had no adult to talk – or walk – with at those days. It would have been nice to have. (Glad that it is over for me – for good!)

    PS. Frankly, I love our local squirrels here: I think one of them is a badass teenager, and they have absolutely horrible fights in the nearest spruce…. I swear animals struggle with the same “problems” we humans do: family business.

    • Trish Scott Says:

      Hi Lea,

      Yes, family business can be tricky for all species. Fortunately, so far, there is only one species who has nuclear capability 🙂

      I wasn’t all that appalled by the gun toting dad. He shot the computer, not his kid. In his update it is clear that he and his daughter actually have way better communication than most. I think she has learned a lot about fighting style from him. They both enjoy acting out.

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