I Am

May 31, 2011

Sitting here in timeless time
Nothing matters at all
All there is is is-ness

The refrigerator cycles on and off
Outside a child screams in play
I clean a spot off the floor and dust a bit and things get done
I read and walk and eat and breathe and see and listen

I am totally satisfied with all of it
It-ness – Is-ness

I seek nothing
Not purpose
Not meaning
No thing

My heart is full
I love – just love
I love no thing
No person
No ideal
Nothing that has a name
I just love

I am


4 Responses to “I Am”

  1. Harry Riley Says:

    Just spent a few minutes browsing through your posts, Trish, and I so like the vibe. The simple directness of your writing is very attractive. Do you still do the animal communication, energy healing etc?

    • Trish Scott Says:

      Hi Harry,

      Your words are a nice thing to wake up to on this beautiful Sunday morning – thank you.

      I am no longer maintaining web sites and marketing my services but I do still work with some long time students and clients. If someone asks for my help I do generally come out of “retirement” for a bit. I have been, in recent years, doing more in the way of healing and coaching than animal communication.

      All in all I find life as portrayed in this post exactly where I prefer being. I find working with people doesn’t work very well. I want to help but their attachments are always too dear to them for real progress toward wellness. It makes me see why people can spend the better part of their lives in therapy yet still be sick and unhappy. My view now is simply that people will get where they will get, with or without me, as it should be. All is well and I needn’t feel compelled to heal the world nor any individual within it.

      The best results, for self improvement/awakening, I have ever seen in any discipline is through Animal & Nature Communication. Getting back to basics through letting go of language as we know it and going back to intuition/telepathy and nature is a natural healer. Still, I have stopped selling my introductory e-book because after 9 years out there the links weren’t viable any longer and it needs a re-vamp. These days though, unlike when I first put it out there, you can learn animal communication myriad ways, so I don’t feel compelled to re-vamp.

      Now, I am sort of feeling the urge to do nature writing and drawing like an old Edwardian Lady 🙂 That sounds very pleasant to me.

      • Harry Riley Says:

        I’m delighted I got your Sunday off to such a good start, Trish, and I’m not in the least surprised that I agree with all your conclusions about humans. Folks’ll do what folks’ll do, and trying to convince them otherwise only makes things worse. If anyone actually asks me for help, I’ll do all I can for them while always making it clear that they are their own salvation. I can only point to what I know works, the rest is up to them. Horse, here’s water. Drink:)

        If you do give in to the Edwardian Urge, I hope you post some of the results. If they continue in the style of your writing they’ll be well worth seeing.

      • Trish Scott Says:

        Thank you again Harry 🙂

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