December 25, 2010

In my world Christmas is a time to re-member the birth of Christ consciousness within us all. Some folks have problems with that concept because of the Christ bit (born of a virgin give me a break). So I say, if you like, replace the word Christ with Buddha/Allah/Tree/The Energy Which Creates Worlds/ I don’t care what you call it. This is just a good time to uncover our inner selves – It’s there under all the words – and BE for a bit with the best of our selves, with All That Is within. It doesn’t need to be Merry or Happy (that bit throws a lot of people too – some right off a bridge) it can just BE. I hope many spare a moment for stillness today. All my best to you and yours on this, one of the trickiest days of the year.


5 Responses to “Christmas”

  1. Christa Says:

    I agree, Trish! Regardless of belief system, today is a wonderful day to reflect and spend a few minutes in stillness. Happy Christmas to you and yours.

  2. Hayden Says:

    I hope you had a peace-filled Christmas, Trish, and may your new year bring you all that you need, and most of what you wish for.

  3. This is late, but none the less..i want to wish you the best!! Come back to blogging soon. We miss you.

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