Feels Like God

October 15, 2010

I’ve seen my cat Sunny in a lot of really dicey circumstances, even those in which he was on the brink of death. He has always expressed a total sense of equanimity no matter what was going on in his life. It seems he has passed this quality on to me.

Sunny disappeared a couple of days ago. I don’t know for sure if he is alive or dead. I have put out posters and sent out email alerts and talked to neighbors and searched sheds and contacted an Animal Communication student of mine, who has gone on to specialize in lost animal cases, for a second opinion. I have done all I am able to DO. In the past these circumstances have been accompanied by a great deal of pain in the “not knowingness” of the situation.

As I sit here now though, not knowing, I am filled with awe, wonder and joy at the BIG spirit of that little cat. That has always been the amazing thing about Sunny – that vast spirit that constantly reminds me of the greater universal quality of our embodied lives.

I was going to write a bit here about the 10 years we have spent together but once I’d written the first sentence it became clear that it is more a book length story than a blog post. One day I may write that whole story – it would probably be the best aspect, and the most telling part of my life to hand down. As it is I am just going to be content now to pass on how grateful I am to that little cat for the lessons learned.

Thank you Sunny, where ever you are. You have liberated me. Where ever you are you are right here sitting in my soul – and it feels like God.


9 Responses to “Feels Like God”

  1. Sandra Lee Says:


    This is so touching – the way Sunny is a bridge to liberation for you. Last week, we let our 5 month old kittens start going outdoors again (they were born outdoors). It was scary at first, but also teaching me that love is letting go. As it turns out, I didn’t need to worry as they are happy to come home each day. But everything is indeed impermanent.

    • Trish Scott Says:

      Hi Sandra,

      It’s wonderful to see you here. Thanks so much for dropping by.

      Yes, love IS letting go and it can be scary but I too am finding that there is nothing to be afraid of. The old saw, “let go, let God” is a goodie in all areas of our lives where attachment could apply. Controlling the world to keep everything safe can be a terrible burden :D.

  2. Trish Scott Says:

    God is not a person, neither is nirvana a place.~OSHO~

    Prem Ellen.

    Prem means love; Ellen means light.

    Love is the only light there is in life.

    Love is the inner light.

    It needs no fuel; it is eternal.

    It is not caused by anything, hence it cannot be turned off.

    Anything that can be put on can be turned off.

    It is simply there; you cannot put it on, you cannot put it off.

    This light, this love, has not to be invented but only to be discovered or rediscovered.

    And sannyas is nothing but an inquiry into this inner world of love and light.

    They are two aspects of the same phenomenon: when you look in, it is light; when you share it with others, it is love.

    When you are alone with it, it is light; when you communicate it to others, it is love.

    Light communicated is love; love burning inside as an alone flame is light.

    And this is the whole quest of humanity, to discover it.

    Once you have discovered it all fear of death disappears, because then there is no death.

    And all fear of darkness disappears because then there is no darkness either.

    The experience of the light is so tremendous that people have given it names:

    God, nirvana, enlightenment, moksha.

    It is so huge that no ordinary words can contain it; hence every language has invented words for it.

    God is not a person, neither is nirvana a place.

    These are different names for that experience of light.

    When it explodes within you it is so much, uncontainable, inexpressible, inexhaustible, that one is simply drowned in it, one is simply drunk with it, and drunk forever. There is no coming back; once gone into it one is gone forever.


  3. mike Says:

    …”Where ever you are you are right here sitting in my soul – and it feels like God.” …..Wow..WOW. ..God IS love..

  4. Hayden Says:

    I’m sorry I missed this earlier. Been a strange fall. Hoping that you found resolution with Sunny, either in flesh or spirit. These this-world animal friends of ours give us so much, bring so much transformation into our lives. I wish you light, love and peace, my friend.

    • Trish Scott Says:

      Hi Hayden,

      Thanks for dropping by. I “knew” Sunny was gone right away but one needs to cover all the bases and be very willing to be very wrong about these things. Much of my knowing is from his presence being so BIG in my heart and spirit. I was always aware with Sunny that his body could NO WAY contain all that spirit! It seemed laughable, really, that anyone could ever think that all of that cat was in that cute little cat body. He always reminded me that what you see in the world is so far short of what you get in reality that it is hysterically funny (considering the prevailing world view). I feel no sense of loss. In fact I actually can’t think about Sunny without smiling from ear to ear. What a beautiful gift he has been and continues to be in my life.

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