Meet the Alpacas

June 27, 2010

Zac And KhanRecently I did a reading on two alpacas, Zac and Khan. It was such fun I’m sharing a portion of it here.

These guys are a couple of comedians with Zac as the funny man and Khan as the straight man. I hope all the humans around take the time to just hang around to enjoy their show. Zac, when choosing a persona for this lifetime was like, “Not a cat or a dog or a human – been there done that – cows are boring and horses have to carry people around – I ask you! Why on earth would any soul wish to do that!!! No accounting for some tastes. Show me other options on the domestic list. OH YES! Now there is an interesting creature! Funny thing. Makes me laugh. That’s what I’ll be and help everyone laugh!” That’s Zac. He knows this is a lark and is helping others know the same. He’s all, this too shall pass – have fun!

Khan doesn’t quite get the joke but he is willing to learn. He hangs on Zac’s every move and offers the straight man role beautifully because he is that. Doesn’t quite get it so is a perfect foil for the enlightened comedian.

If anyone in the neighborhood needs a pick me up or the answer to the universal “WHY” they should go spend time with these two. Zac the guru and Khan the fool – they are the perfect metaphor of our earthly existence.


One Response to “Meet the Alpacas”

  1. […] are traumatized and some look at the bright side of life. I once met up with a pair of Alpacas, Meet the Alpacas, who did a great Laural and Hardy or Guru and the Fool routine. It CAN be very entertaining. […]

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