A Message from Ficus Benjamina

May 12, 2010

There have been some excellent posts in the blogosphere recently about our best teachers. One was
Who Are Your Teachers? from Robin Easton’s Naked in Eden blog and another today from Christa in New York, called Step 132: Ditch What’s Dead

Of course as an animal and nature communicator I have about 20 articles floating around the World Wide Web about my lessons from various non human sources but since Crista wrote today about a lesson from a plant I have been moved to share one of my very first POW moments from my dear plant Ficus Benjamina.

I forgive you.

That’s what she said.

“I forgive you.”

And I didn’t deserve it

I’d starved her nearly to death.

Guilt ridden I took her to the kitchen to nurse her back to health

but still was unable to give proper treatment.

A little water, a Reiki jolt

but not enough.

Days went by.

Finally today I was able to give a full Reiki treatment and found once I started I could not stop. I could not take my hands away from the pot. Rooted in all directions, hands like glue stuck there, without intending it I gave the best anyone has ever got from me, and got back the best I have ever been given.





So Simple for Ficus to give,

Even though she nearly died before I could accept her gift.

I wish to be more like Ficus.

I have learned now to root myself in all dimensions and be loved.

Now may I root myself in all dimensions and love.

Thank you Ficus.


8 Responses to “A Message from Ficus Benjamina”

  1. I jumped over here from Robin –
    Teachers are all around – as you so wonderfully illustrate. What a lovely post.

  2. Christa Says:

    Trish – I love it. A ficus as teacher. And why not? We have so much to learn from nature.

    • Trish Scott Says:

      You started it with your Impatiens. I think there is a lesson in every moment from every quarter if we are just paying attention. We all suffer from ADD to some extent, thank goodness. Overload could be disastrous 🙂

  3. Hayden Says:

    Wow, just wonderful.

    In the year before I left SF I often sat in my yard and listened. One day one of my trees offered me a short story: I was moved to tears. Plants are so generous.

  4. Robin Easton Says:

    Dear Trish!! This is an ASTOUNDING story that brought tears to my eyes. The compassion you experienced is profound. I was stunned when I read of your lesson through a ficus, as I TOO have an experience that I had and wrote about with a ficus (many years ago).

    I was in deep grief over missing the rainforest and bought a small ficus, as they grow in the rainforest. I’d had it for a few weeks and then one day very alone and in the place that my last post, “Finding Your Way Home”, talks about, I sat in down by the plant and started pouring my heart out to it. Next think I knew my whole body became so heavy and weighted as if I was rooted to the floor by the plant. I couldn’t even hold my eyes open or lift my arms, and the next thing I new I was back standing in this rainforest creek that was one of my most sacred places in Australia. I sat down by the creek bank and sobbed. I felt like I’d gone home; more love, compassion and tenderness than I could possibly express here poured into my body, more love than I’d felt in a long time. I wept really hard, and then after awhile I was at total peace. Next thing I new I was sitting on the floor by the ficus again.

    Whoa!! When I read your story I got goosebumps all over my arms. I have GOT to meet you one day. I have never known anyone like you.

    I am sooooooo glad you posted this. I just really know what you felt from your ficus. I felt that same compassion every single day in the rainforest. Pure unconditional love. And so many humans say other species have no feelings, no intelligence, no no no…that is not the case. Not even close.

    Thank you for making the world a more real place for me and those of us who see, experience, feel and know. My god, what you give your wild brethren (other species) when you see them. I KNOW, because I know what you give ME in your ability to see and hear.

    Thank you so much dearest Trish.
    You have given me more than I have words for.

    • Trish Scott Says:

      Well now I have tears in my eyes too. Those ficus trees. Who knew :).

      I wrote an iguana poem at about the same time as this one https://scottfree2b.wordpress.com/2007/02/22/and-now-for-a-change-of-focus/ and heard a couple of stories from others about their iguana experiences. The fact is, infinite intelligence is everywhere all the time and just waiting patiently for us to tune in.

      Some of us make it a point to allow time and space and quiet in which to listen. For others, though, who are busy with the usual lives within our culture, sometimes infinite intelligence just busts in with communication from unusual sources and scares the crap out of them! LOL They sometimes seek out me or another like me, one to whom they can confess their madness in the relative safety of a mad woman. Those who do are always relieved to hear they are not alone. Few recognise though HOW TOTALLY NOT ALONE any of us are. Probably freak them out even more :D. What fun eh?

      In the middle of the night I thought of a theme for our joint workshop but now I have forgotten 🙂 Guess that’s not the one. Still simmering on the back burner. All in good time.

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