Hissing at Badgers

January 30, 2010

The Lesson From Piss Ant Flat story has come to mind again due to a Post by Robin Easton The Power of Our Beliefs recalling some of her childhood issues. Her writing draws you right in and there you are in the moment with her and you just feel compelled to unleash your own story yet again.

So another story from the Piss Ant Flat pack trip has popped up in my mind. It is a story that was perhaps indicative of one of my careers to come.

It wasn’t a part of the trip I remembered, my focus being on the traumatic bit, but was brought back to mind 37 years later when I was visiting with one of the other girls and her mother who was the Girl Scout leader who had been with us. We were just sitting around in the kitchen catching up on the years and Mrs. Wood said, “The part of that trip I remember is when you hissed at the badger!”

Hummm… The memory slowly, slowly swam to the surface. The three of us were rounding a switchback in the trail and inadvertently cornered a badger. It was hissing ferociously at us and we were petrified. It was pretty clear that if anyone moved we might be in big trouble. I knew exactly what to do. I leaned over to within 2 feet of his nose and hissed more ferociously than he was hissing. He found his own way out of the situation immediately! I hadn’t figured out what to do, I’d just known.

I don’t actually recommend hissing at cornered badgers but it worked for me. It worked because I “became” badger. I totally understood from that deep knowing that comes from being totally in the moment and totally in tune with badger.

Now I have a E-Book, An Introduction to Animal & Nature Communication, that explains how to become whatever, whenever, but at the time that stuff was not part of my learning, just my knowing. We all have that knowing built in. The trick of course is to trust and act on that knowing. That’s a very cool thing to learn if your trust is not yet up to hissing at badgers.


4 Responses to “Hissing at Badgers”

  1. hayden Says:

    Lovely anecdote. Not as in “pretty,” but as so intrinsically “right.”

    I’ll check out the book you mentioned.

    A friend told me a funny story of hiking alone in the Sierras, on a narrow mountain trail curved against the rock, with a drop below. Rounding the corner, she found herself face to face with a black bear, who reared up on his hind legs… not threateningly, but uncertainly and because of the narrow path. Slowly the two of them turned sideways and edged around each other and proceeded in their intended direction. She turned, looking over her shoulder at the bear… as the bear turned, looking over his shoulder at her, and for a moment, before she flicked her gaze away, they locked eyes.

    They both continued.

    • Trish Scott Says:

      Awesome!!! As in how on earth! Phew. What a story. Animals can be so astonishing in relationship to the world. Of course that includes us :). Thanks for telling me this story Hayden.

  2. Robin Easton Says:

    I am laughing out loud. This is SOOOO you Trish. Your writing conveys the story SO well that I felt like I had actually SEEN you do this. I would have been right there hissing with you. I am just LOVING these stories of yours. You are a real one of kind character. I think you bring out a part of me that I tend to live a lot more when I spend lots of time in nature.

    This made me think of so many interactions I had with wildlife in the Australian rainforest. We are not the only species who has a sense of humor of play. Sometime I will have to do a post on a few of those stories.

    I just love your writing!!! It’s so life-like, real, like watching a mini movie. 🙂 Hugs, Robin

    • Trish Scott Says:

      Shucks Robin, you make be blush.

      I can’t wait to hear about some of your animal encounters! I’ll bet you have some doozies!

      It is funny how easily we know the right thing to do in any situation if we just don’t think! It’s thinking that’s deadly! Being – just being is always spot on, even within our own species :). I once had an encounter with a boss which closely resembled badger hissing. Turned out he had always run off women – had to hire them – just didn’t like working with them. At some point he’d just go OFF and they would quit – end of problem. After I’d got right up in his face and screamed back he had a lot of respect for me. We got along great after that and he even ended up working for me at one point :). It’s a funny old life eh?

      I can’t wait to see your stories!!! Hugs back atcha.

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