I’m Having a Moment…

January 20, 2010

You know those moments? Those moments when everything becomes very, very clear in some unaccustomed way? I am having one of those moments. I just finished dusting and cleaning mirrors. A room perks up when you pay it some attention. I am sitting having cupa and as I look around I find myself focusing on each thing in my room and finding it dear. My cat is one I always find so dear on so many levels that I can hardly contain it. That is how dear each of my things in this room is feeling to me now. As I let my mind range further every thing in my world is that dear. That cup, that pan, that pebble. Dear beyond what I could stand to be aware of all the time.

My neighbor and good friend lost some use of her right arm yesterday. When I talked to her then she was still in “mind numb” space. Frozen there. I suggested she get to the hospital. We are in a very rural place with rudimentary medical facilities. She is from Boston and has no use for our 2 doctors and the PA or two that man our hospital. She always goes to St. George (our idea of the big city) to get any medical issues seen to. She was frozen in a helpless sort of “what now” place. When I talked to her this morning she was in a more active but overwhelmed space with “what now” scenarios. Yes she had gone to the hospital and her blood pressure was through the roof. When I called she was wearing out google and trying on options like how to get an appointment at the Mayo Clinic, should she go back east etc. Her energy was frantic. She is going to the hospital today to get her blood pressure checked again. I asked that she call me when she gets back so I can give her an in person Reiki session to help get her energy into calmer space.

As soon as we got off the phone I sent calming vibes then called back to see if she would like me to go with her to to the hospital just so she’d have some calmer energy in the car. She sounded much better. She will be ok on her own.

So I got up and dusted, re-heated some tea, sat sipping it and found myself finding every material thing in my life so exquisitely dear. Dear in a way that is fully present, not dear in a way that I would find the need to cling. It’s a moment. A precious moment.


4 Responses to “I’m Having a Moment…”

  1. Alex Says:

    reiki. yum 🙂

    love your writing. warm tingly tickly feelings 🙂

    keep it reals trish

  2. Trish Scott Says:

    Hey Alex,

    Good to see my first SMFWB here! Feeling warmer already.

  3. @dustmapper Says:

    ‘Dear’ is such a great way to capture our love and appreciation of the world without the stickiness of clinging or grasping.

    Thanks for your writings and giving voice for what normally wouldn’t be voiced. 🙂

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