January 3, 2010

I had a wonderful Christmas with The Grand kids & Co. and a wonderful time in Christmas recovery. It’s now the end of the long New Year weekend and I suppose it’s time to think ahead a bit. I don’t make a habit of thinking ahead – much prefer the present moment – but still, I’m ready to think of some possible changes.

I don’t generally stay in one place for too long. Six years is about my max. I’m not into the whole travel thing but I do like moving my home from time to time and experiencing new ways of living a life. I grew up in Ogden, UT where the great outdoors “grew me up”. Hiking in the mountains fishing the streams and sleeping out under the stars all summer – skiing all winter – it was a wonderful life in a wonderful way but somehow I never fit in. I found later it was just a cultural thing but it took some experience of the larger world to find that there are places on the planet that I fit perfectly. After even more experience of the larger world I find that I fit anywhere – it was just an uncomfortable thing within my understanding of myself that made me feel I didn’t fit within whatever environment I found myself.

I have lived in the Midwest, Northern CA, Southern CA, The Northwest and the Southwest, and in London and Oxford. I loved all of those places but the Midwest which just served to show me how much I loved all the rest. Each place holds to it’s own cultural values and I find as I live in each I take on some of those values as a comfortable cloak which can be worn or shed at will when I move on.

While living in different places I have done different things with my time. I have been a wife and mother, musician, teacher, sales rep., retail clerk, security guard, cook, temp, and mentor to teens. I loved something about each job I ever had & I really didn’t like some things about some of the jobs I had.

But back to the here and now. I have been in Kanab, UT now for nearly six years and I’m getting itchy feet. My dilemma is that I love it here and have everything I need. In the past I have moved partly to take the next step toward getting everything I wanted and needed – things like a paid for house with all the pet fencing required and the little comforts for me, room to roam, either culturally or actual wide open spaces, delights for the eye and heart etc. but here I am now with all I require and I’m perfectly content. This has never happened before. Hum…

So I am considering my choices about what to do with my time and my heart now that I am not driven so much by necessity. How fortunate that makes me. I think I’ve just overwhelmed myself. Still, I’m not concerned with making choices. I know from past experience that at some point the spirit will move me in a direction that will be irresistible and I will go effortlessly where ever it leads.

So. That was fun! Now back I go to the present moment.


10 Responses to “Choices”

  1. Nice. I see we have done much the same thing with moving. This is the longest I have ever lived anywhere except for my youth in New. Orleans. It feels good here. Willow Canyon does hikes, cross-country skiing in Bryce. I usually join in from time to time. Always a nice group, small.
    BTW, I got this from the Kanab Google alerts I receive. Happy New Year.

  2. Shadowplay Says:

    Trish, you are in such wonderful dilemma. I look forward to reading about where the spirit takes you (even if it’s as far away as your front doorstep). You have such a beautiful way of expressing yourself… I can’t wait to read more about your journey.


    • Trish Scott Says:

      Oh thanks April. It is a wonderful dilemma. Unfamiliar. Just enjoying getting used to that. I’ll keep you up to date for sure – thanks for joining me in the journey.

      P.S. I like the way you have of expressiing yourself too :).

  3. Hayden Says:

    Lovely to be in that psychological space of contentment. I always thought I’d move a lot, but never did… fell so madly in love w/ San Francisco that for 30 years I couldn’t imagine leaving. Now I’m back in the midwest, for years having thought I’d never return – this is where I want to be. At least for now. I like the neighborliness/friendliness of midwesterners. Eventually I realized that a lot of my CA friends were originally from the midwest, and things started to click.

    • Trish Scott Says:

      I too fell madly in love with SF and all of N. CA. I couldn’t be who I am without about 20 years there. I guess it prepared us both to go find the wonder on home turf. Thanks for dropping by 🙂

  4. Jen Says:

    Your peacefulness really came off the page. It’s nice to hear about another wandering soul, I am similar in that I like moving around, although funnily enough like you, I am feeling pretty content at the moment.

    • Trish Scott Says:

      Ha! Maybe contentment is in the air and contagious 🙂 Sure hope so! Lot of tired people on the planet that could use some. Thanks for visiting me. I look forward to getting to know you better.

  5. Hi Trish – I know what you mean about the spirit telling you it’s time to move on. Sometimes I try to make decisions too much with my head. Listening to my internal guidance is often what is needed. 🙂

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