7 Things I Don’t Get and the Ah-Ha Moment

November 15, 2009

Sometimes I think I was born missing some gene that understands the culture in which we live. There are just so many things I don’t get. Now please understand I’m not here to be rude or offend anyone, I just genuinely wonder about this stuff all the time. I list my questions in order of how often they come to me on any given day.

1) I don’t get why women dress up their lips to resemble the nether regions of an orangutan in heat. You know – red and puffy. Well of course it resembles other nether regions in full flush but orangutans are the only ones that expose it in public. We generally keep that very private. I’m sure it’s representation on the face IS very attractive to some but I would tone it down for a trip to the zoo. Or to a bar. Or to the grocery store…

2) Not that I’m pro slavery or anything but I don’t get why it is so much better to work at a job to earn just enough to get deeply in debt than it is to be housed and fed for your work. Yes we call it being a wage slave but I don’t think many take it all that seriously. Still, most people feel shackled to jobs, with no particular fulfillment feature, as if they had no choice. Why do people allow others to own their time? Time doesn’t equal money, it equals LIFE. There are choices – why is it so few make conscious choices about their time?

3) The answer to that question may have to do with another whole conundrum. What’s the deal with keeping up with the Joanses? Take a look at the Joneses! If all you see is glossy grooming and toys, that may be all there is! What’s the deal with that? Seems to me that if you have to flaunt it you are probably waving a flag to divert attention from the VOID you are feeling. But I could be wrong. Probably a perfectly good reason for ALL this stuff that I just don’t get.

4) I don’t get why so many people over a certain age – lets say 50 – still have issues with their upbringing. I don’t care what happened, get over it. I’ve heard a bunch of stories and frankly my dear… There must be many things out there that are far more interesting to think about.

5) Remember the old joke – “My hands are cold and nobody loves me!” And the answer, “Sit on your hands God loves you.” Remember that? I don’t get why people don’t get that! If your hands are cold do something practical – like sitting on them – and as for love you are swimming in a sea of love, the only way you can avoid seeing it is to be busy looking to people and THINGS for that which is right there along with the air you breathe. How is that so difficult to get? I don’t get it.

6) High heels – Expect it is related to #1 & 5

7) Diamonds! Good God. Never mind that people are dieing for them – as in actually being slaughtered – where did that whole thing about diamonds being so bloody (pun intended) precious come from anyway. Probably related to #’s 1-5-6. I think I’m starting to get it! I suppose #’s 2 & 3 are the male equivalent of women’s #’s 1 & 5. Yes a pattern is emerging as the song, “Looking for Love in ALL the Wrong Places”. #4 is just plain pitiful. The poor me card – well I guess it does still work. Probably far more relationships start with bonding over shared wounds than over shared joy.

Oh dear. I’ve lost my stomach for this project now that I have found the thread of the matter. I get it now. Well. Now I can stop saying I JUST DON’T GET IT. I so didn’t expect that when I started this post. Always a surprise inside – not always pleasant.

It’s a our first cold beautiful day. I’m going for a walk now. Have a beautiful Sunday.


8 Responses to “7 Things I Don’t Get and the Ah-Ha Moment”

  1. suburbanlife Says:

    It’s all about display and positioning. let’s confound by refusing to display – then no one knows how to pigeon-hole others simply by judging from surfaces. G

    • Trish Scott Says:

      Ha! Yes. Put that way though, it’s hard to avoid display. I display by refusing to display. It did work for me as an American in England though. They were simply unable to fit me into any of their thousands of minutely calibrated pigeon holes. Accent is so telling there that we Americans confound their most precise sonar with our many variations of “bad” English. I felt a great freedom living there.

      So good to see you G.

  2. Hayden Says:

    ahhh, life as a member of the animal kingdom – but with resources to burn! All instinct, in my view. Instinct and sex. the way in which we display is cultural… bound feet vs high heels… but the desire to display is instinctive.

    as for orangs… dare I say it? they can be very “in your face” when it’s their time to display, as are most members of the animal kingdom.

  3. Trish Scott Says:

    Hi Hayden, I just saw you on Jay’s blog. Thanks for dropping by my place 🙂 Yes orangs ARE very “in your face”. Exactly my point. I don’t think women are fully cognisant of the message being sent. If they do get it – Yikes!

  4. Shadowplay Says:

    I think the ego just delights in… everything! Everything false, that is, lol. It will just go on and on and on…

    Your points above along with several of my own are part of the reason I dived into the spiritual world a long time ago. Nothing makes sense “out there.”


    • Trish Scott Says:

      Soooo true. I had a much longer list than this but since I got to an ah-ha moment in writing it down none of it mattered any more. I really honestly hadn’t put the puzzle together before. I can be really, really dense… I’ve just been going along listening to my heart and gut and bones and nature and the ethers and looking around saying, “I just don’t get it!” All my life! Now I’m going to just forget that I get it and continue to see past all the “stuff” to what is real.

  5. Trish Scott Says:

    Ha! Who blogged recently about, “We’re all Just Bozos”?

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