It’s Tough Being an Empath

October 29, 2009

More than any other group of people, I think those who feel a strong bond with animals are natural Empaths, people who pick up the sense of “living in the skin” of another being and feel what that being feels – whether they like it or not.

Unfortunately the empathy which often works well for understanding our fellow humans can miss the mark when it is experienced with animals. The way we generally process empathic information is with human logic and emotions. The thinking goes like this; That dog is being abused therefore that dog feels just as I would if I were being abused. Then this whole emotional pain loop starts running and brings with it a sense of rage, anger, hopelessness, impedance, all those feelings that can lead – well – nowhere good, productive, optimistic or effective.

Of course animals feel pain when abused but like children in the same situation they move out mentally and emotionally – jettison the body experience for a time – and come back when it is safer. They may become fearful but they don’t hold a grudge. They are incredibly sane. In mature humans that quality of innocence can be replaced by a rage of emotions. That is what many empaths are left to work from when they see abuse. It is a very difficult place from which to live a happy and effective life.

So what to do to become happy and effective when faced with knowledge of appalling events? There are some things that need to be clearly understood and practiced relentlessly. They are simple guidelines but easy to forget in the heat of disturbing moments – hence “relentless” awareness is needed in the practice of these guidelines.

Basics of the Law of Attraction;

* “You get the essence of what you think about, whether you want it or not.”
* “Your attention to it, invites it”
* “There is no such thing as no in this attraction based Universe.”
* “When you shout NO! at it, you are saying, come to me this thing I do not want.”
* “Find the feeling place of what you desire because the Universe is not responding to your words, but to the Vibration of your Being. And the way you feel, best represents your Vibrational point of attraction. Do your best to feel as good as you can, right now.”

Nice ideas but how do you get in the relentless practice? Click here and replace the word fear with the word anger or your own trigger to that emotional pain loop. It’s painless 🙂

Be sure to watch The Abraham-Hicks Video, No Gain in Pain for inspiration and insight.


10 Responses to “It’s Tough Being an Empath”

  1. Belle Says:

    I’ve long had a difficult relationship with the Attraction movement… there are elements of truth there, but also, some serious misunderstandings (at least from my point of view).

    I will say that sometimes pinches of this or a splash of that, rounds out one’s philospophy nicely. 🙂

  2. Trish Scott Says:

    I agree with you about the serious misunderstandings. I think the ultimate teacher is always the one who resides within your own body/being. All the “Methods” and teachings are, at best able to spark anothers inner knowing – at worst are longlonglong detours. I try what I can in whatever imperfect way to ignite a spark here and there with “pinches of this or a splash of that”. The true knowing is everywhere and nowhere and can not be nailed down really. Isn’t that wonderful!?

  3. Belle Says:

    Very beautifully said, Trish. I completely agree…

  4. Cheryl B Says:

    I Am so grateful i have more time to follow my whims and catch up on some reading! This is very inspiring and points to what i always sensed about myself but hesitated to train and took a long time to realize it’s true breadth & potential.
    I plan to do some more exploring here and re-read your book. I’m sure Mia, DAisy and all our foster boys will benefit – really moved by the work you’re doing Trish! ❤ 😉

  5. Trish Scott Says:

    Hi Cheryl,

    Oh thank you – I’m so happy for you having time for yourself and to see you for coming by for a visit. I am thrilled that you are revisiting Animal Communication. It’s not just about animals of course – It’s about finding our best teachers so we can easily find the rest of ourselves. I look forward to working with you further in that regard. Love Ya!

  6. Cheryl B Says:

    That’s the potential that truly intrigues me into exploring the training my abilities to focus better. The flow feels good – I’m getting in the vortex and will learn more, again it seems, about getting out of my way!

  7. Hayden Says:

    this post was excellent reading in context of my current Huna studies. I’ve really avoided law of attraction stuff in the past because I’ve seen it’s antecedents practiced with such vapid egocentric intensity that I was revolted. (remember chanting in the mid-late 70’s? Lighting the candle, sitting cross legged, focusing on desire and chanting? I used to call it “chanting for dollars” since that’s how everyone I knew was using it.)

    Miss-use, abuse – doesn’t invalidate the reality at the core. And that’s what I need to make peace with and learn to live in that truth.

  8. Trish Scott Says:

    “…vapid egocentric intensity…” :).

    Always annoying, that. Yes. Everything is true and everything is untrue, depending.

  9. Robin Easton Says:

    Dear Trish, this is just fascinating. Enjoyed the post and all the varied comments. And I particularly LOVE this line. Needed to hear right now.

    “And the way you feel, best represents your Vibrational point of attraction. Do your best to feel as good as you can, right now.”

    That is stupendous! I like that. And I am grateful for YOU. This whole post and your wisdom and insights are very heartening. Hugs to dear friend. Robin 🙂

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