2B or Not 2B Changed?

October 27, 2009

This just sort of came to me a few years ago but I am drawn to it again as we get closer to the “magical” year 2012 we have all been so excited about for so long. It does appear that real change (for the better) may be imminent but that is still the big question.

There was a time when men met to rampage through the halls of life raping and pillaging and having a marvelous time of it. That time is over. The last echoes of that time are fading yet many try to carry on as if nothing has changed. There will be dismay for those who can not see that a new time has come and that they are the ones who have become the endangered species. Ha Ha’s about the spotted owl come settling round their ears as their deeds die not with a bang but the infamous whimper.

Celebrate this passing! It is time to create a new earth. We start with nothing but the ruins of this previous civilization, not washed and scoured as was Atlantis. Still the detris all around in heaps and hollow monuments remain to remind us of our ruin. But this too will pass. Hollow shells left by past masters of brutality can be consecrated to new purpose and thus transformed to fit a gentler age. The new play is cast, the audience awaits. The playwrights and directors have fallen away to leave the cast to play as they would like. How shall we go brave troubadours? Shall we play light or dark, cunning or creative, venture to heights unimaginable or to old standby scripts of torture and longing? How shall we go?


4 Responses to “2B or Not 2B Changed?”

  1. Belle Says:

    Oh, what a question! I guess we’ll find out soon…I’d love to be light on my feet come 2012.

    This brought up some very good food for thought.

  2. Robin Easton Says:

    Hi dear amazing Trish, I finally found your blog. So very wonderful!!! Add you to my RSS feed. This is not only a beautifully written post but it is filled with sooooo many layers of insight and thought. I love how you don’t directly answer the questions you raise, but rather leave the weight of the choice on the reader.

    This whole post got me thinking about the amazing times we live in. One-thousand years ago people wouldn’t have even had to ask these questions or even had these thoughts. The planet over all was still “fairly” clean and there were still remote untouched areas.

    I do know this: Every day I do all I can to focus on light and love and positive change, in both my thoughts and actions. Even if I have a darker day, which doesn’t happen often for me, I find great peace in knowing not matter what “man” does I feel the Universe will go in it’s infinite love and wisdom, creating and recreating and creating and recreating over and over again. I find great peace in that, because I feel part of it and not apart from it. Although I am a real optimist, I am also very much a realist, one who sees what is going on around me all too vividly.

    I am touched by your open heart and very kind nature. Hugs to you Trish, Robin

    • Trish Scott Says:

      Oh Robin, so glad you found me. It’s wonderful to see you here. There is no question that if enough people were like you there would be no question how we would go :). But however we go, it’s a TRIP! Enjoy! Thanks for dropping by.

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