New Directions

October 19, 2009

I’m contemplating the focus for new domain I’m thinking healing & coaching support for optimum mind/body/spirit health.

I got the domain name for myself for my 65th birthday 🙂 I thought it deserved a milestone gift. Didn’t really have a plan but one has come to me today in the form of a client’s letter of recommendation.

Working with Elsa was the first time I had the opportunity to do a full course of treatment with anybody. I have always used healing as part of animal communication work and sometimes with people who asked for a treatment but it has generally been one or two treatments which eased the problems enough for everyone to be happy for the moment, period. I wanted to do more but it just wasn’t the focus of my work.

Elsa came to me wanting healing support over a period of time. That was new to me but I was eager to see what would happen so we went for it together. The experience was wonderfully satisfying for us both and I want a lot more of that in my life. Here is her letter of recommendation that has got me planning my new web site 🙂


This is my personal approach how to express my appreciation for the support and healing work done by Trish Scott.


I met Trish several years ago through her Internet platform ACC Animal Communication Course. I am a naturopath and treat humans as well as animals. Therefore it was of great value to learn more about animal communication. I live in Switzerland und until now have never met Trish personally. Over the years we remained in touch via e-mail and telephone.

Problem description

In July 2009, a few days before leaving for my vacation, I called Trish. I knew from her website as well as from our conversations during these earlier years that she was working as a healer. I asked her to help me with my shoulder which had gotten worse since spring 2009 and was giving me a very painful time. We spoke about how this had happened, and I also told Trish that I felt extremely stressed out and tired after a long and eventful year. Trish promised to support me during a period of 10 days which would cover my holiday preparations, travel and some more time during my stay in Greece.


During these ten days I witnessed a very profound treatment which included all the three levels body, mind and soul. She was “looking” at my physical ailment and at my problems to relax. At my shoulder, Trish also discovered some very personal disbalances – aspects which were connected to my childhood and she discussed these issues with me.

After my call for help, Trish gave me an immediate first treatment. Since our living areas are in two time zones with a time difference of nine hours, the first healing happened to me during the night. I felt kind of a turmoil, my sleep was restless. It was very clear that something happened to my entire system. I sensed that her healing work had – besides my shoulder – also an effect on other areas in my body. This first treatment remarkably reduced pain for several hours during my day and helped me to pass a pain free night.

Trish continued the treatment by setting her healing schedule depending on how much I needed it. After 4 to 5 days the shoulder was fine and Trish supported me to become relaxed, to sleep well.


I spent a delightful vacation. Besides the healing of my shoulder, an important spiritual transformation took place. I strongly believe that Trish’s healing had helped that this transformation which was ready to happen since long now really did happen.

Trish explained to me that she focuses her healing on the body’s cellular level, to bring the cells back in the state, before the ailment, when they were healthy.

Her support on behalf of my physical ailment as well as of my psyche and mental stress was free of religious or esoteric biases. This seems to me one of the very basic conditions in order to accept a healing.

Accepting a healing that can be trusted to be properly done opens the individuals system, which also makes it vulnerable. As a consequence it is of great importance that the healer is aware of this when ending a healing session, and properly does “close” the client’s system. Taking this into consideration, is is most remarkable that Trish’s healing work enabled my system to selectively open up and accept the spiritual transformation which then took place about two weeks after her last healing session.

The latter seems to me a proof of the long lasting high quality of Trish’s work, which was offered for a very fair price.

I am very happy and grateful to know Trish.

Elsa N. Thamalanga-Maag
Practice for complementary medicine

If you or someone you know are considering working with energy healing you don’t need to wait for my new site to go online. You can call or email for a consultation OR go here to get started now.


4 Responses to “New Directions”

  1. Amy Casey Says:


    Congratulations on your new domain, web site and focus! I’m happy for you and for the people and animals you serve.

    Many blessings-

  2. Trish Scott Says:

    Hi Amy. The site itself is still in the ethers but the domain name and service are here and now. Thanks for dropping by to take a look and for your blessings 🙂

  3. Belle Says:

    Trish, I am so excited for you! I was on one of my forums and recommended you to someone for animal communication… if anything comes of it, I’ll let you know. You totally impress me with your integrity and positive energy…. can’t wait to see what becomes of your future site-to-be!

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