10 thngs 2 do whn twtr is dn

October 18, 2009

OK it’s Sunday morning and, as you may already know, it’s my favorite day as it’s quiet. Used to be – back in the olden days – we all ate waffles washed down with lots of coffee and read the Sunday papers. Remember that? Those were beautiful Sunday mornings for sure but things have changed. For me now, I cook up some oatmeal with walnuts and sometimes smother it with syrup to give me that good old waffle feeling, wash it down with lots of tea, check out my Sunday Horoscope on the San Francisco Chronicle site (my old favorite Sunday newspaper) then wile away the morning with my beautiful tweeps on twitter. I get inspiration and news and laughs and I put in my 2 cents worth and in general I really enjoy that time.

But today TWITTER IS DOWN! I feel just like I used to if the Sunday newspaper didn’t arrive. I don’t have a clue what to do. After all these Sundays doing what I do on Sundays and having that taken from me [!] I feel bereft. So I decided to blog about 10 things to do when twitter is down on a Sunday morning. That way I may think of something to do when twitter is down on a Sunday morning.

So Here Goes

1 – Post several links to old blog posts to your Facebook wall. OK. Did that already.
2 – Go to your feed reader and read all the posts you would never get to unless you really had nothing at all to do. OK. Did that.
3 – Write a new blog post. OK. Doing that.
4 – Meditate for a couple of hours. OK. I’ll do that next.
5 – Go for a walk. OK. After I meditate.
6 – Water the garden – maybe pull a few weeds. OK to the watering.
7 – See if twitter is up yet. In fact I think I’ll do that right now. Nope.
8 – 9 – 10 – You’re going to have to tell me. I’ve run out. What do you do on Sunday morning when Twitter is down.

Blog done. Cool. Now what do I do with it. No one will know about my new post because twitter is down. Hrumph!


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