*Horse Sense

March 2, 2008

I’m thinking horse today. I went to an event called Horsin’ Around yesterday. It was a Natural Horsemanship Playday put on by Best Friends Animal Society and featured some friendly competitions in Online, Liberty, Freestyle and Finesse. Here is a video from Best Friends about getting some of the horses up for the event.

One horse really stood out for me with her fully expressed irreverence, humor and showoffmanship. Since her owner was actually there to catch her at birth and has spoiled her relentlessly ever since, she had a sense of entitlement that was outrageously entrancing. Of course horses should do as they are told and she does, sort of, but her style showed us who was really in charge. I honestly wondered if this horse spent nights sprawled alongside mom in the king size bed. Mom admires horse more than horse admires mom but for this woman and this horse it works. All is well, to say nothing of entertaining. I would recommend, if mom asked, which she didn’t, that mom might work on a bit of the “I’m the boss” thing. But I could work on that with my own horse sized dog too. That horse reminded me (a LOT) of my dog. I love an independent spirit. It is all a matter of balance. The balance in any relationship is relative :).

I have more to say about horse stuff – like maybe a animal communication workshop at a British Columbia natural horsemanship retreat this summer – but that is all still in the ether’s. I’ll tell you all about it when/if it starts to manifest. In the meantime I will just leave you with this thought;

“Horse sense is the thing a horse has which keeps it from betting on people.” W. C. Fields

Happy Sunday! 🙂


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