*Profesional Bio’s – My Pet Peeve

December 29, 2007

I’ve written about this before in “Credentials” but this pet peeve arises again now that I have joined SelfGrowth.com as an “expert”. It is a rather wonderful site on which to network with others in the helping fields and there are some wonderful resources there. Again though, I find myself checking out all sorts of professional bio’s as I decide who I would like to network with.

This time I am struck by the number of people who have biographer at their elbow doing the job for them. “Hey Boswell, how ’bout 250 to 300 words pointing out all (every single one) of my credentials, hobbies and interests. I’d like to get this profile up in 10 minutes.”

Now I have had a newspaper/magazine article or two quoting me or written about my work and I suppose I could quote who they said I am ad infinitum but you know? Life keeps moving along. Things change. I change. And what do they know about me anyway! Just what I told them at the time.

Call me cynical but I think there are people out there writing about themselves in the third person as if they are not actually responsible for tooting their own horn.

OK. If they can do it, I can do it.

Trish Scott had her first meaningful metaphysical experience at age four and a near death experience at age five which led to an early shift in perception which has defined her life ever since. Her total lack of interest in school work, like Einstein, did not deter her from attaining an elegant though misunderstood understanding of universal principals. In spite of herself she did attain a high school degree then fled into a lifetime of freelance learning throughout the world.

Wow! No wonder they do that! Phew. I’m high as a kite! I don’t even dare go on – I have an addictive personality – but you get the idea.

Enough about my pet peeve. If you are still with me here, I’d like you to join me in wishing this blog and myself a happy one year anniversary. Tomorrow will be the anniversary of my first post and I am astonished that I am still in this relationship! This blog has added at least as much to my life as I have to its life. You faithful readers, I so love all of you for being a part of our journey. For those who are new to “Breathing” I hope you will stop by again. Thank you all for a great year.


4 Responses to “*Profesional Bio’s – My Pet Peeve”

  1. suburbanlife Says:

    Happy anniversary Trish – it looks like we are both yearlings.
    I must tell you that I absolutely loathe Bios written in the third person, for some reason they tend to sound self-aggrandizing. Far better to produce a section called “Publications” in which one can list written info where one might be mentioned.
    But then of course I sometimes refer to myself at home in the third person, as “She who must be obeyed” a la “Rumpole of the Bailey’s” wife. It’s an ongoing joke between my “Rumpole” and me.
    Happy 2008 to you! 🙂 G

  2. Trish Scott Says:

    Hi G,

    Happy anniversary to you too. I’m glad we met here in the blogosphere. Happy 2008 to you and all of your colorful characters, Rumpole, Renaissance Man, and the rest :). T.

  3. I’m into pet peeves and pet hates too – big time! If you’re interested, you might check out my cartoon blog at http://www.cartoonsbysheila.wordpress.com
    Cheers, Sheila

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