*10 Things I am Certain About

December 16, 2007

All sorts of people say they aren’t crazy about people who are certain. The last instance I have come across which inspires this post is on the “about” page of Mombaho’s interesting and thoughtful blog, “I get turned off by people who are certain, especially if they wear a little fish badge. But then I sometimes wonder if I should be more like them…”

Well I am certain about a few things so, for the record, I am just going to list some of those things here;

1 – I am certain that my dog (and one of my cats) loves me unconditionally (at least as far as I can understand the concept of unconditional love).

2 – I am certain that I know nothing about the underlying universal force that created me and the rest of all that is and that I am not alone, either in that condition of unknowing or in all that is.

3 – I am certain that for me, trying to figure all of it out is an excersize in mental masterbation and that The Way of No Thinking works to make my life a nicer place to spend time.

4 – I am certain that I will die which strongly indicates to me that the journey, not the destination, is what really matters here, no matter what happens after death.

5 – I am certain that I haven’t really a clue as to how things work but that what works, works till it doesn’t work any more.

6 – I am certain that I don’t have the capacity to fully appreciate love, beauty, happiness, joy, sorrow and a meriod of other things I am not even aware of not appreciating.

7 – I am fairly certain that I am learning stuff as I go but not certain why and

8 – I am certain that’s ok.

9 – I am certain that I prefer my own dogma to that of others as it has at least been gained through my own experience rather than second or third hand.

10 – I am fairly certain I will enjoy your list of 10 things you are certain about when you post them.


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