*Enjoy The Irresistible Present

November 12, 2007

A MySpace friend is a young man who is truly self realized. His poetry tells us how that looks and feels. I am sharing his latest post with you here but I encourage you to enjoy all of his MySpace blog postings. http://www.myspace.com/justinblackburnlovesyou or buy his book “It’s Hard To Get There When You Are Already There” available on amazon.com,

Enjoy The Irresistible Present
by Justin Blackburn

Take a seat, pour yourself a refreshing drink,
The moment of now is forever complete.
Breathe the abundant beauty.
Enjoy the irresistible present!

The moment of now is forever complete,
Enjoy the irresistible present.
Open it and share it with all your friends
By telling them how you truly feel.

Create yourself by leaping into the arms of someone else,
Pray to your soul, give a needy stranger all your money.
Laugh at how funny it is to not understand the gift of love,
Ascend out of your body to the heavens above, watch the birds fly into stars.

Enjoy the irresistible present!
There is no logical reason not to,
Glimpse upon the sky to secure my statement,
Whoever lied to you was in need of a quick payment.

Pain may claim to need your brain,
But remember that death is a happy curtain.
So be certain of the endless possibilities
Be kind to the friendly funny infinite identities.

Enjoy the irresistible present,
Walk up to a rich man and asked to be called a peasant,
Smile and say “hi” to the irresistible present.
For you can be anything, anyone, anywhere, anytime.

It is truly a gift to be alive,
If it wasn’t then the sun would not shine
But it does and it shines on you
So do your beating heart needs to do

Now we can change the future,
Now we can resolve the past.
Now we reach around history
To make the beautiful present last.


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