*Goggle Your Name – plan a party

September 8, 2007

I’m sure I’m not the only one here who checks up on their name in the search engine rankings from time to time. Today I spent a few minutes checking out some of the other Trish Scott’s out there in cyberspace. It’s sort of interesting. I prefer google since they have my very own scottfree2b.com listed as #1 and my listing at violinist.com as #2. The other search engines are all messed up with others coming first.

So on google after my #1 & 2, #3 is Trish Scott the FitBall professional and her REHAB ARTICLES – BY TRISH SCOTT http://www.incrediball.ca/qs/category/-1/3762/0/0 Cool. I’m into fitness too and actually used to teach violin with a fitball. Kids of all ages had a “ball” playing while bouncing to the pulse of the music :).

And #4 is Trish Scott the artist at http://www.trishscott.org/. Where was I when the trishscott domain names were all taken?! Her work is bazaar and rather wonderful. Check it out.

#5 Appears to be hooked up with a man and raising beef! To eat. I’ve done both – husbands and beef – and find life nicer without them, but at least these folks are raising “…meat free of hormones and antibiotics — and raised with care and kindness…” Ouch. Anyway, Alfie and the cats are all carnivores and it would be good to feed them beef raised with kindness. If I ever get a freezer I may order from them.

#6 is this blog, Breathing, then FitBall again at #7 then someone at #8 who is an Instructional Technologist and something about CTAP Moodle, whatever that is. The site is not exactly info packed. http://xserve2020.kern.org/moodle/user/view.php?id=62&course=1

And finally at #9 My blog carnival. http://blogcarnival.com/bc/cmark_2040.html

How fun would it be to have a reunion with all the folks on the same page of google with you? The Trish Scott 1st annual reunion could be a grilling party in a park with me on veg, #5 on meat #3 organizing ball games, #4 organizing performance art and #8 CTAP Moodleing. Or instructing or something. Maybe we won’t invite her till she tells us exactly what it is she does.

How will your reunion look? If you get some time, take a look and plan a party!


3 Responses to “*Goggle Your Name – plan a party”

  1. Hi Trish,

    You’re not alone. I search my name from time to time. I’ve had other Robin Andreae’s email me too. It’s kind of fun!

  2. Trish Scott Says:

    Hi Robin. So how would your party go? It is hard for me to imagine there are many Robin Andreae’s around.

  3. former Trish Scott Says:

    Hi Trish Scott,
    I used to be the Trish Scott of #8 Moodle, etc., but I changed my name, so you won’t see me around. There are a bunch of Trish Scotts out there…

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