*New Age Mumbo Jumbo?

August 29, 2007

Preface to Peace Power and Plenty
by Orison Swett Mardon
January 1901

NEVER before in the history of mankind has there been such an awakening to the great possibilities of the power of right thinking as we are now witnessing in all civilized countries.

Metaphysical schools are springing up under different names in all parts of the enlightened world. People are getting hold of little bits of one great divine truth, a new gospel of optimism and love, a philosophy of sweetness and light, which seems destined to furnish a universal principle upon which people of all nations, of varying philosophies and creeds, can unite for the betterment of the race.
The basic principle of this great metaphysical movement has opened up many possibilities of mind building, character building, body building and success building which are destined to bring untold blessings to the world.

We are all conscious that there is something in us which is never sick, never sins and never dies, a power back of the flesh but not of it, which connects us with Divinity, makes us one with Infinite Life.

We are beginning to discover something of the nature of this tremendous force back of the flesh, this power which heals, regenerates, rejuvenates, harmonizes and upbuilds, and which will ultimately bring us into that state of blessedness which we instinctively feel is the birthright of every human being.

To present in clear, simple language, shorn of all technicalities, the principles of the new philosophy which promise to lift life out of commonness and discord and make it worthwhile; to show how these principles may be grasped and applied in a practical way in every-day living to each person’s own individual case is the object of this volume.

There is a growing belief that “God never made His work for man to mend.” We are just beginning to discover that the same Principle which created us, repairs, restores, renews, heals us; that the remedies for all our ills are inside of us, in Divine Principle, which is the truth of our being. We are learning that there is an immortal principle of health in every individual, which if we could utilize would heal all wounds and furnish a balm for all the hurts of mankind.

The author attempts to show that the body is but the mind externalized, the habitual mental state out pictured; that the bodily condition follows the thoughts, and that we are sick or well, happy or miserable, young or old, lovable or unlovable, according to the degree in which we control our mental processes. He shows how man can renew his body by renewing his thought, or change his character by changing his thought.

This book teaches that man need not be the victim of his environment, but can be the master of it: that there is no one outside of him which determines his life, his aims, that the person can shape his or her own environment, create their own opinion, that the cure for poverty, ill health and unhappiness is bringing one’s self through scientific thinking into the conscious union with the great source of infinite Life, of opulence, of health and harmony, thus getting in tune with the infinite secret of all peace, power and prosperity.
It emphasizes man’s oneness with Infinite Life, and the truth that when he comes into the full realization of his inseparable connection with the creative energy of the universe, he shall never know lack or want again.

This volume shows how man can stand porter at the door of his mind, admitting only his friend thoughts, only those suggestions that will produce joy, prosperity; and excluding all his enemy thoughts which would bring discord, suffering or failure.

It teaches that “your ideal is a prophecy of what you shall at last unveil”, that “thought is another name for fate”, that we can think ourselves out of discord into harmony, out of disease into health, out of darkness into light, out of hatred into love, out or poverty and failure into prosperity and success.

Before an individual can lift themselves, they must lift their thought. When we shall have learned to master our thought habits, to keep our minds open to the great divine inflow of life force, we shall have learned the secret of human blessedness. Then a new era will dawn for the race.

Orison Swett Mardon
January 1901

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Read the Book; http://orisonswettmarden.wwwhubs.com/ppap.html


2 Responses to “*New Age Mumbo Jumbo?”

  1. DD2 Says:

    Good stuff!
    Good work
    Grat blog

  2. Trish Scott Says:

    Shucks. I’ll bet you say that to all the girls…:0

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