*Promoting the Gratitude Attitude

August 24, 2007

There are several memes going around blogging communities but I am really wanting to get something going that can be of more than a momentary interest and do more for folks than drive a bit of traffic to their blogs.

Why not start substantially improving our lives right here right now? It can easily be done if we promote the Gratitude Attitude in ourselves and others each day. So here’s what I’m going to do.

I tag you ALL, everyone reading this blog, to write 5 things you are grateful for today. Then if you have a blogging community, challenge your whole community to do the same. I would love to see “5 Things I Am Grateful For” in every blog I read this week! Hey! This works to make people happier! I know that because I’ve Seen It On Oprah! 🙂

I’m keeping the number low because some people are not accustomed to noticing the good stuff and may need to ease into this gratitude thing. Write 5 Things I Am Grateful For in your blog if you are a blogger and if you aren’t a blogger just write the 5 things in a notebook where you won’t lose it.

The bigger challenge is to keep writing down 5 things you are grateful for every day. I think it is wonderful to awaken in the morning and think of at least a few things before you get a chance to say, “OMG it’s all starting again!” and in the evening it’s good to write down a few more to counteract what the world has deposited on you during the day :).

I’ll start it off with;

5 Things I am grateful for today.

1 – I am grateful to awaken in the morning in a body that is still breathing.

2 – I am grateful to find my three wonderful animal companions have awakened, breathing in their precious little (Well Alfie is hardly little) bodies.

3 – Believe it or not I am extraordinarily grateful to arise at 5 in the morning 3 days a week to get to my job cooking for the senior citizens in the community. My business is slow during the summer and Alfie is expensive to feed. The job came as a god send just as I was thinking (groan) I would have to start looking for work. Whew!

4 – I’m really grateful that the exercises I have been doing have worked in relieving my extreme back pain from the first weeks of working at the above job!

5 – I am grateful to have an outlet for all my musings here on my blog.

Bonus – And most of all I am grateful to all the people who find anything at all I have to say helpful.


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