10 Things that Happened to Me

August 5, 2007

RivKaz has tagged me for 10 things that happened to me. So here goes…

1 – I was born on planet earth to a schizophrenic mother and heavy drinking father. For more years than I want to recall this all seemed wrong. I was pretty sure that when the choices were given out – Earth? – I thought they said mirth and joined that line. So I spent my childhood and young adulthood in shock! The up side is that my parents were really to busy with their own problems to pay much attention to my older brother and me, so we had a sort of Lord of the Flies life on the streets.

2 – I had to wear dresses to school! It didn’t stop me from playing football at recess but the teachers were appalled. The only upside of school was that I was still in shock from being born on the wrong planet so none of what was said there sunk in. I think this may have saved me from becoming brain dead.

3 – I got pregnant in college and married the guy. Nice guy. Had 2 sons while still in shock. That didn’t seem like an upside at the time but it was.

4 – In the meantime Viet Nam happened to us all. We Americans were pretty sure we were pretty special up till then. We lost our innocence. It taught me non violence. It taught me how impotent my vote is.

5 – I came out of shock 11 years after getting married and got divorced. The Nature of Personal Reality – a Seth book by Jane Roberts aided the process enormously.

6 – I went to London to study the violin with Kato Havas. I had always played and was playing professionally but at a far lower level than I wanted to achieve. It sort of became an obsession. When I got to England I figured it was just my way of getting where I could relate to people. My people were there. It appeared that perhaps earth was my choice but my landing had just been off the mark. I loved my time there playing and teaching and learning the violin and practicing Buddhism for 6 years and would still be there were it not for draconian immigration laws.

8 – I had to re-enter America. I was angry about that for 10 years. There is no upside to that.

9 – As an overview I had an ah-ha moment about reincarnation when I was 4. The exact dialogue, as said to my mirror was, “That’s IT. That’s what I’ve been trying to put my finger on ALL THESE YEARS!!!”. I had a near death experience when I was 5. That made me want to be dead more than I wanted to be alive till about age 50. Dead is really nice :). So I was always more than a little suicidal but knew better. It’s an uncomfortable state to live with. In high school I wrote a research paper on comparative religion and was given an F because I spelled Muslim, Muslim instead of the way my teacher preferred, Moslem. It was a good paper. It would have gotten an A had I turned it in to a teacher in England. Anyway, the point being, I always was tuned in on a spiritual level and always pursued my spiritual interests while all the other interests came and went.

10 – A series of animal friends badly behaved animal friends I may add led me to Animal Communication where I finally was able to find the wholeness in all that is rather than pursuing the pieces. I still look forward to being dead but also am rather enjoying living on planet earth.

Phew! I’m not sure I’m doing any favors by tagging people for this project but here are a few of my favorites and I hope they don’t mind too much.

How to Survive Suburban Life

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One Mystical Monkey


7 Responses to “10 Things that Happened to Me”

  1. suburbanlife Says:

    Should I thank you for tagging me, Trish? That is a daunting task. I like the openness with which you talked about yourself – you sure have had an interesting life and are more than just a survivor. It sounds to me a life well-considered and well lived! 🙂

  2. Trish Scott Says:

    Hi Gabrielle. I doubt thanks is what you should be giving for being tagged. There is an exercise I used to do each morning which entails packing up all of the past in a big beautiful package and burying the thing so as to start each day fresh. Finally it was just natural to start the day fresh so I didn’t need that ritual any longer. I may drag it back again though after this 10 things thing :). Thanks for your comment. I think we all have well lived, even heroic lives, even those who appear unsavory or useless to our finite understanding. I hope I’m right about that! 🙂 Trish

  3. WaterLearner Says:

    Hey Trish!

    I am so glad that I had tagged you!

    Hee! I can understand the task of cracking your mind
    mind to pen down the 10 things that happened.
    But hey, great sage Confucius said that in life,
    , it is essential for one to not only
    continously look forward to the past.
    It is also important to reflect what had
    happened to us in the past. Be is achievements
    or mistakes.

    My humble views though!

    Blessings & Have a Good Week Ahead!


  4. Great blog, Trish! I always love reading what you have to say.

  5. Trish Scott Says:

    Thanks Robin. Good to see you here. Trish

  6. Joan Christie Says:

    Thank you Trish for sharing your life and strength in what could only have been harrowing and eventually inspirational experience.
    I respect you deeply.
    From that far away country… Joan in Australia

  7. Trish Scott Says:

    Hi Joan, good to see you. Thanks for being here. Trish

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