*My Very Brief History of Civilization

July 30, 2007

Chapter One: When Men Took Over From the Goddess

The Goddess was accessible to all people. That is not acceptable to men who enjoy power so in typical male fashion they made up god as a man and went from there. Unlike the mother, unconditional love and all that, father is not accessible. You have to work hard and prove yourself to father. You were just never quite good enough to make the old man happy were you? Nasty temper too. His rendition of how your life should go is nose to the grindstone, shoulder to the wheel and both feet on the ground until death do you part. Makes it hard to fly! Perfect for keeping the peasants down on the farm. Perfect for the few who want the many to serve them.

Chapter Two: The Secret Stuff

So all that stuff the goddess handed out for free like unconditional love, healing nature, passion, joy, that stuff, the priests tucked away for themselves (not that they had the capacity to use it being nihilists themselves) and threw away the key.

But since some where deep inside the peasants there is this longing to be whole and a sense of loss at no longer being whole, some memory of home, the priests said “wow – how exploitable can it get – and called all the good stuff (that they had thrown out the key to anyway) a secret that only they had access to and would hand out homilies occasionally and threats of hell all the time to show the folks who had the POWER.

Chapter Three: Politics Become IT

So struggle, struggle, struggle for centuries with the big guys using the peasants to fight their wars for them to overcome good old Dad the king and uncle Harry the pretender. Finally some of the peasants figure out that humanity is at the mercy of these few power mongers who get all the good things and their priests who keep all the really good stuff secret, so they start a few uprisings with all sorts of neat slogans and usually they lose but once in a while they win and they are benevolent leaders for a few days till they figure out that the masses are there all plugged in and ready to serve THEM. I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt here because most of the upstarts probably already knew all that when they started and never had a benevolent bone in their body to begin with. Doesn’t matter – same result.

So in three very short chapters a few nasty men have stolen the wholeness of the goddess with her bounty, unconditional love and healing potions from our own backyards and replaced it with POWER to the few. Destruction is simple.

Chapter Four: The Good Guys

Here and there once in awhile a good guy comes along and tries his hand at reveling to everyone all the secrets the priests have tucked away and lost the keys to. Women come along all the time everywhere to do the same but they just get stoned in the square or burned at the stake or something. So a few good men have founded a few perfectly good religions only to have them turned to useless dogma by – you guessed it – the priests!

Chapter Five: At the risk of being stoned in the square — THE TRUTH!

You are the one you’ve been waiting for! So stop whining and get on with it! Or not. Doesn’t matter. However you handle it you will get where we are all going anyway. LOL.


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