*Best Friend Best Teacher Phase IV

July 21, 2007

Phase IV

There is No Violin

My life as a violin teacher with the whole premise being THERE IS NO VIOLIN, had become a life of a different sort where there truly was NO VIOLIN. For years people asked me why I didn’t play the violin any more and I always answered ‘Not only do I not PLAY the violin but I don’t teach it either. It is my vehicle to teach way more important things.’ There are things you learn when you become truly accomplished in any endeavor. Balance, ease, swing, BEING THERE mentally and physically. While I could teach those things through teaching the violin, for years I had longed for NO VIOLIN. And, strangely enough, after leaving a thriving group of students in Utah to move back to California I never really got it off the ground again. Though I had loved teaching and got a great deal of satisfaction from it I was lukewarm about getting started again. My new students just wanted to learn to play the violin and I just wanted no violin, yet I had no other teaching vehicle. It was frustrating. My last student quit the day my first healing client came. Though I didn’t know exactly where this healing business was taking me I knew I was on my way.

Stay tunned for Phase V

Great Jumpin Dolphins


2 Responses to “*Best Friend Best Teacher Phase IV”

  1. Trish,

    I enjoyed reading your posts about Kato Havas. I have a unique prespective on her, as I am about to marry her youngest daughter. I was a former violin and viola player myself, but now I’m a nature and wildlife photographer. I will continue to explore your site.


  2. Trish Scott Says:

    Wow! What a convoluted web we weave :). Kato is an amazing woman. I’m not sure it would have been easy being her daughter (I may have met her at X-mas dinner in Oxford 1982-3ish) but she was certainly wonderfully enlightened and helped a lot of us through many musical trials. Congratulations on your coming marriage!

    I’m kinda crazy about nature & wildlife photography too. I just put your blog on my feed reader and will explore further. I’m in Southern UT now and one of the photos on you web site looks a lot like one of our many slot canyons so perhaps you have explored my part of the world? Are you in the US? UK? Canada?

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