*Happy Sunday

July 8, 2007

I love Sundays. At lest I love them when everything shuts down. One of the bummers about living in the US is that most places just keep going seven days a week and one day is fairly indistinguishable from the next. I guess it was while living in London, England that I really felt the beauty of having one day a week that was quiet. I left in 1984 so that may have changed, but while I was there you couldn’t go out and do all those things we always think we have to do. You were forced into a quieter mode by sheer lack of being able to do anything you can on a normal day. That made it a really nice time to go walking. The walking was made far more enjoyable for the dearth of cars on the road. The English tend to wash their cars on Sunday rather than pounding around in them. So the air is clean and fresh and you can hear the birds and just meditate on things a bit. Sunday is a gift that it is good to take with open arms.

Of course if you have to go to church that just makes another thing you have to do but it is the choice of many and that is what makes Sunday special for them. My grandmother always had to put on a big Sunday dinner for a family that just kept getting bigger and bigger. That was nice for us but I’m sorry now that she never got to rest. Of course if it weren’t for church and the requisite family dinner of yore, none of us would get the day off to begin with. I think if I were Jewish I would probably have to move to Israel so I could enjoy Sabbath without the frantic quality of Saturday in predominantly Christian countries.

Now I live in Kanab, a small, mostly Mormon, town in Southern Utah where it is quieter than most places all the time. I am grateful though that the town is good about most businesses being closed on Sunday. Transplants from other parts of the country are often annoyed by the town shutting down on Sunday. I hope they eventually come to enjoy the wisdom of having a day off. There is just a different quality about a day when most people agree to quiet down a bit, even in a town that is quiet to begin with.

I wish you all a bit of quiet today, even if you have to carve it out of a day that is not so quiet. Happy Sunday.


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