June 26, 2007

Hi All,

Hide your light under a bushel – NO!

Here is your chance to get some great quality traffic to your site AFFORDABLY!

I’ve just noticed today that scottfree2b.com is consistently getting 11 to 12 thousand visits per month! And I know my readers are about the most amazing people on the planet.

Now you can join me in adding value for all those amazing people AND get the word out for YOUR passionate work as well.

Maybe you work within some of these interest groups;

Rescue Organizations, Healing, Coaching, Nutrition, Arts, Music, Animal Welfare, or other areas Involved with Uplifting Humanity, Community, and Planet Earth. What are you doing that is helping? What are you doing that will enrich the lives of our readers?

If you would like to become a “Great Resource” here, email me and tell me about yourself and your work. I will be looking for those who work from passion and demonstrate through their work the highest integrity and consciousness.

Your ad will STAND OUT! There will be no more than 2 ads for products and services that are similar. You can have a banner or photo and 150 words to explain your offering!

There will be no more than 15 ads on the page so people are likely to scroll all the way to the bottom. Ads will be refreshed each month so the order they appear in will be fair to all who advertise consistently.

And they are INEXPENSIVE! I know the areas we express our passion working in aren’t always all that lucrative so I’m only going to charge $50.00 per month. You can go month by month or you can save some money, and be assured of continuing exposure by signing up for 6 months at a time.

Introductory Offer!

Sign up now for 6 months and I will give you 1 month FREE!

e-mail me, trish @ scottfree2b.com (take out the spaces) or simply reply to this mailing and tell me what Great Resource you have to offer the readers of scottfree2b.com. I look forward to hearing from you.

To our ongoing success,

Trish Scott

P.S. This is how my ad might look. Notice how much info you can get in here.

(Banner that doesn’t seem to work here)

Animal Communication Online Course – A Journey Toward Wholeness

With Trish Scott

Learn intuitive, telepathic and psychic communication with animals in this online, always accessible, always growing, always supportive, teaching and learning community.

If you love animals and feel a special bond, you are already tuned in to what they are saying to you. You may not be processing the communication consciously but there is plenty of communication going on. If you want to take that communication to the next level let me encourage you to join us on an amazing journey toward greater understanding of animals, nature and ourselves.

My joy in offering this course comes from watching participants blossom into their own wholeness through proving to themselves, through their own successful animal communications, that we ARE one. With that continual confirmation comes the peaceful calm knowing that oneness is real and that all IS well.

Don’t forget to check out An Introduction to Communication With Animals and Nature – A Journey Toward Wholeness www.LearnAnimalCommunication.com

And please visit my blog. www.scottfree2b.wordpress.com I’d love to “see” you there!



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