*The Dark Side

June 24, 2007

You know back in the 60’s and 70’s (well always really but the level of interest peaked then) there was a lot of scary stuff about the dark side being bandied about in the kinds of pursuits that we now lump up into the general term “New Age”, or as I usually refer to it, all things weird. There was all sorts of talk about that silver thread you had to hang on to for dear life if you were having an out of body experience or you would lose your body (there are times I wish it were true) and protecting yourself form the dark forces when meditating or energy healing or you would be taken over by dark entities. You know the kind of stuff.

The general message is, If you do anything at all out of the ordinary you will SUFFER!!! Maybe even die! I even heard it just last year from a member of my meditation group who had been following a master for too many years, that if you meditate with your focus on breathing you lose your automatic process of breathing. How’s that for off-putting?

It’s all just another rendition of the old standbys, “if you make that face it will get stuck there!” and “If you play with yourself you’ll go blind!”.

It is simply about control. Plant seeds of fear and the peasants will do their work and go to war for you without causing a lot of uproar about their innate POWER. Burn the witches to avoid general insurrection. Trickle the reality of our true power in tiny polluted droplets from pulpits. If folks want more they can bloody pay for secrets, not learn them from the witch who knows it’s all free. She’s dead already.

The fears we have now, if we are moving along toward more enlightened space, are just left over stuff from the fear that was engendered in cultures at large, for centuries, to keep people in line. It has roots. In other words it is normal.

But I say,

If we are ONE, where are we going to hide and who are we hiding from?

If, though, you are having trouble with the dark side re-mind yourself. You get what you think about whether you like it or not — SO THINK ABOUT THINGS YOU LIKE!


2 Responses to “*The Dark Side”

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  2. scottfree2b Says:

    oldephartteintraining — I like your “About” page 🙂 I can relate. Thanks for the ping thingy. I don’t know how to ping but I suppose it is just one more thing on my learning curve eh? Do you suppose that when we were kids old people knew it all and didn’t have to run to keep up with everything? Seemed like it. Without computers to keep them on their toes I think it was true.

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