June 11, 2007

Every time I get going with marketing what I do (right now it’s the e-book that has me in marketing mode) I rethink my “A Bit About Me” statement. I have put it everywhere such a thing is required for years now. Every one wants to know your credentials before they decide whether or not to pay attention to you.

Back before I wrote my “about me” piece I went to sites of other people who were doing what I do and read their credentials. My what a list! I got the feeling after awhile that the weirder your occupation, the more credentials were needed to justify it. People trotted out every degree and certificate they had ever earned and scrambled to tie it in with Animal Communication or energy healing. Yes I can see how a few years of nursing could lead to learning Reiki and eventually to Animal Communication through doing Reiki with animals but do I care? I don’t but I guess it just makes most people feel better about giving their money to an energy healer knowing that they were once an RN. Why? One really has nothing at all to do with the other. Anyone looking back on their life can see puzzle pieces fitting together creating who they are but the only pieces that people use in their bios are those which come with a bit of paper that can be framed and hung on the wall.

OK, I’ll come clean; I once got a certificate of computer operations (with honors) from the Computer Learning Center in San Francisco. Obviously that qualified me to be the first ever purveyor of Online Animal Communication Courses. I have a certificate as a Reiki Master. Oh yes, I always forget that I am also an Ordained Minister. Any one want to get married? I did 9 years or so in various universities studying various things, English lit and comp, psychology, music. I even spent a few years in Oxford and London becoming a violinist extraordinaire! I spent those same years practicing Buddhism too. I have a few experiences under my belt. I suppose I could string something together (or my son the marketing guru could) that could make all that look somewhat impressive. Maybe some people would find it comforting to know that I have 2 children and 5 grandchildren. I could throw that in for a bit of warm and fuzzy – what do you think?

So, as I said, when I need to get the old ball rolling – the financial ball we all love playing with so much – I take another look at my “bio” to see if I ought to get my son going on something a little more comforting to my potential buyers. You know what? The answer has been a resounding “NO” for years now and I expect it is going to stay that way for awhile longer. Here it is for those who may have missed it the 1st and 2nd and 3rd time. It’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Oh and by the way. I can’t be held responsible for my response if you ask, “do you give a certificate for your Animal Communication course?”

A Bit About Me

My name is Trish Scott and I am not trained in any tradition whatsoever. Nor have I earned any degrees in anything at all. Whatever I have to offer comes to me by way of grace. I have had a lot of metaphysical experiences all my life, the first major life enhancing one, that I can recall, at age 4. I didn’t study to get that experience nor any since then. They were given.

I have explored a lot of interesting information, about the way things are through books, and I have studied various disciplines, from the violin to Buddhism with some amazing teachers. I have paid little to no attention to most of what any had to say. I have only ever listened to heart speak. Some things I have stumbled across in my journey have resonated in that chamber. Most not.

I have no preconceptions about the way things are. What seems to me to be truth one day may pass like the wind through the trees and disappear the next. I have nothing at all to recommend me but the energy which creates worlds flowing through me. Without clients and friends and students for that energy to flow to, I haven’t even that. Fortunately there are those who find they are able to use me to help nudge them to their own hearts desire. It is a nice arrangement and I am thankful. All I ask is — more.


5 Responses to “*Credentials”

  1. mindpatterns Says:

    That is sufficient. The heart speaks to those who wish to listen

  2. scottfree2b Says:

    Yes. Heart to heart. Period.

    Thanks for visiting. Hope to see more of you here.


  3. Trish, it is obvious that you come from the heart and speak to the heart – that is credential enough! Those seeking your services ‘know’ this (I agree with you about the cultural need to string a bunch of letters after your name as “credentials”. They can be… limiting.)

    *monkey hugs*

  4. […] 29, 2007 I’ve written about this before in “Credentials” but this pet peeve arises again now that I have joined SelfGrowth.com as an “expert”. […]

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