*Acceptance and Courage

May 13, 2007

In introducing herself to our online animal communication class, my newest student laid it all out on the line — the fear that makes following our hearts so tricky. I’m putting my answer to her concern here because I have just never had the opportunity to address it so specifically before.

Just in terms of AC, I’ve been wanting to jump in the water, so to speak, for a very long time. I also have lots of fears and hesitations about “getting it wrong.” I think it’s partly my own very strong feeling of wanting to be responsible (sometimes to an extreme), but also because of some goofy experiences I’ve had with people purporting to do similar kinds of work, unethical people. It’s a long story, but it just makes me really cautious and worried about my own abilities.

Pow! Right to the heart of the matter. Is that allowed in the first post?

I’m going to address the issue. Deep breath. Here goes.

I think most of us who find ourselves on this forum are highly evolved and thus highly responsible to the extreme. Somewhere before we ever even got to earth (this trip) we took the oath, “Do no harm.” So here we are on planet earth practically paralyzed. It is hard to make a move without doing harm (all those poor ants) let alone following our hearts to places considered nonsense to begin with (Animal Communication for instance) with all of our healing intentions. Think of the misunderstanding and pain that could be caused if we get it wrong! I do think that is the fear at the root of what we are doing here. Until now I just never got that close to the knuckle with it (outside my own heart) and addressed it out in the world.

In the course materials I do a lot in the way of trying to let you let go of that fear and lighten up on that sense of responsibility. But really. What DO we do with the reality that we can cause misunderstanding and pain. My answer to myself is to stay connected (spiritually) stay true to myself and my intuitive sense and keep as my main focus in life the continual clearing of my spiritual connection. Then I go out and do what I do in the world with all the integrity I am capable of. After that, yes I am sure I AM the catalyst for some misunderstanding and some pain but I am able to allow that, everything being perfect, I was in the right place at the right time to cause that in another.

If we truly allow that each journey is valid, we have to allow others their pain. Strangely or not, I explain evil the same way as I explain my own work. It, evil, happens in the right place and the right time to cause whatever it causes. Each person is responsible for their own life experience. We each have choice. Even if you TRY to make me feel bad (yes even by shooting me or torturing me and perhaps even killing me) my reaction to that is purely my own business. We have all seen people come out of horrible situations to become more than ever they could have without those circumstances. We have also met plenty of people who are broken by relatively “minor” occurrences. Either way, each life is perfect, and I will add, heroic in it’s own right. I have learned to let that be.

I don’t believe anything is out of whack in the universe. We cause what we cause and we attract what we attract and we learn what we learn as part of the whole, not some dumb luck or lack of luck.

Bottom line advise. Make clearing your spiritual connection your life’s work then get on with following your heart. The bottom, bottom line is, spiritually speaking, you can not put a foot wrong.


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