*Madam Greytsight Strikes Again

May 5, 2007

Tomorrow I will be doing my bit as Madam Greytsight at the Greyhound Gathering Carnaval, just part of an entire weekend of events, here in Kanab. Words just can’t say what it is like to be here on the Gathering weekend. It really gives you faith in mankind. Claudia Presto started the tradition several years ago and carries it on single handedly year after year. There are parades (300 greyhounds and their people in costume all getting along) and food and movies and auctions and contests and on and on, all in aid of greyhounds finding homes off the track. All of the money raised goes to the hounds. I cry a lot durring the weekend (hope for humanity just does that to me) and as Madam Greytsight I have met some wonderful dogs and their people. I wish you could all be here. You can get a taste for it here; The Greyhound Gang


One Response to “*Madam Greytsight Strikes Again”

  1. […] She was doing flash readings for a greytbuck each . What a trooper! Here is last year’s entry, Madam Greytsight Strikes Again, for more about the Gathering. […]

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