*Healing and garden hoses

April 17, 2007

Oh my goodness there are a lot of methods of healing out there! If you got here you have probably heard of lots of them so I’m not going to bore myself by naming names. People are always asking me, have you heard of this have you heard of that [method/guru]. They really want me to go to the workshop or at least buy the book. Lord it gets tiresome.

So I am going to reveal to you NOW (drum roll please) All you will ever need to know about spiritual/energy (whatever) healing. Go water something in the garden. How do you do it? Well gosh there must be a LOT of ways. Me? I turn on the water and let it run through the hose and HEY! Miracle of miracles!!! Water comes out the end of the hose and goes where ever I aim it!!! Huhhh. Amazing eh? Now it may be that in the old days you had to do a rain dance then gather the water somehow — during a drought that is still true. Water IS a finite resource. But generally the watering can take place as I normally do it, with a hose.

So here it is folks! The big secret:

Hose = you
Water = The energy that creates worlds/God

Only difference being that water is a finite resource and the energy of all that is, is not a finite resource. No rain dance needed! Joy of joys! Aim it and leave it up to whatever energy created all this to do what it does.

All you need is the intention to let the energy of all that is (that created all that is in the first place) move through you. Open the valve of intention and let er rip.

What you don’t need;

A degree

You get the idea. You = hose. (no snorting and giggling please)

My 11 year old grandson picked this up in less than a minute to give comfort to my dog after surgery. Honest. It is that simple.

And by the way, illness and death have their place. Our need to change that leads to a lot of pain that is just unnecessary. Just aim and shoot and leave the rest up to the big guy.

I’m never going to get rich at this rate. Simplicity has no market. Too short for a book (or a workshop even) and to simple for the complex puzzles humanity so enjoys. It (simplicity) just works.

So go ahead. Aim, shoot. Shoot some out Virginia Tech way — might be a nice direction after the more destructive sort they experienced yesterday. Trish


6 Responses to “*Healing and garden hoses”

  1. suburbanlife Says:

    Great blog Trish! (no snorting, no giggling) We had the tap-in-the-sky variety of water today, here, no need to turn on the hoses, and right now the sun has come out. The green things are looking mighty perky!

  2. scottfree2b Says:

    Thanks. The tap in the sky is always the best. Then you can just splash around and forget aiming!

    I’m still waiting to see what happened when your parents found the cots in the basement. I tried to ask on your blog but the comment section wasn’t working properly. I’m reading a book now, Cat’s Eye by Margaret Atwood that has the same flavor of your childhood stories so I have been thinking of you. Have you read her?

  3. Hayden Says:

    Laughing, Trish – you nailed it. I have no objection/problem with the healing mode I experienced Thursday. I also have absolutely no desire to go to the workshop or — at this point –repeat the experience. The friend that intro’d me to it is persistent, in a low-key way, – every time I say almost anything she pipes up and says “you could take that to S… to fix.” Then I’m left with the truth – I never thought of “fixing” it – but see no reason not to just do it on my own, if it’s really bothering me (which it typically isn’t.) Just quirky stuff, like forgetting a name. If it’s rooted in a problem, my ku will fix it if I ask. If it’s not… well…. S probably won’t get it done either.

    and meanwhile, I’m $25 poorer.

    No, it’s not a lot of money, and S is clearly not getting rich on this venture (there were 5 of us, she did small snacks, and she offers this 2X a month). And we all know workshops are expensive.

    But – if I can do it myself – why wouldn’t I?

    I use some mumbo-jumbo myself – to help focus my attention. I do understand that the candle (for instance) isn’t key, but the act of lighting it helps bring me to a different space. Same with small pieces of jewelry I wear – they’re reminders. But when I see people utterly dependent on an involved rigamarole and think it’s for something other than themselves, then I really begin to wonder!

    On a positive note, having now experienced first hand someone calling for “preparing the files” and “downloading the records” I begin to understand what that whole downloading business is about. Still a strange process to me, but…. whatever floats their boat!

    • Trish Scott Says:

      Hi Hayden. Thanks for stopping by to read my little rant 🙂

      You know, I’m a Reiki Master and I actually say sometimes that I do Reiki for ease of explanation but I don’t use any particular modality. I just do what I am moved to do in the moment. I have a lot of experience with healing and do get wonderful results – I’m always astonished actually – but I would never presume to teach a particular method. I prefer to help people learn to tune into “the energy that creates worlds” so they can help themselves and others from a really clear tap. My method of teaching THAT is to encourage a meditative practice, clean diet, moderate exercise, tidy environment and regular sleep patterns. Then if needed we work with areas of pain, physical and emotional, and clear those areas with healing energy. There is really nothing at all tricky about it. It does ask though, that the individual take responsibility for their own life rather than relying on a teacher or healer or method. That’s really too much for a lot of folks to take on. Hence, we get the isms. I just find gung ho practitioners of the isms annoying.

  4. Hayden Says:

    Trish, I respect ‘doing what one is am moved to do in the moment’ more than a rigorous adherence to a particular modality. My training is mostly core shamanism. But, being obsessed by book-learning, I have a small library of different techniques and modalities, many of which I’ve worked with briefly but intensively over the last two years. It doesn’t make me expert in anything, and I’d be the last to claim I’m a healer, but it does make me aware that dogma in this world is no different than dogma in religion. There are many paths, and much blossoming of those paths right now, for which I’m grateful. The more there are, the more people will be nudged to look beyond the mundane to see what they can do to heal themselves, the earth, each other.

    I hadn’t realized it until this moment, but I’ve been increasingly drawn to Huna as presented by Serge King, and the focus and lack of dogma may well be the reason why.

    • Trish Scott Says:

      I actually AM all for learning various modalities if you feel drawn to them. All the more to draw from when you are letting the spirit move you :). I think there is little danger of you becoming “one of those people” 😉

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