*The God Flush

February 1, 2007

Way back as a kid learning about atoms I was playing with my “doorknob theory”. I imagined that since there was space everywhere, even in those objects that appear to us as solid, a universe could easily be in my bedroom doorknob and that our universe could be some other doorknob in a really giant kids bedroom. It was tricky to pass this image on to others in those days but here is a practical application I finally came up with.

It seems too simple, it becomes effortless with a bit of practice, but I find it to be a really powerful healing/meditation technique. I teach this in my Animal Communication workshops as a simple way to give healing to our fur friends and it often has amazing results. Works with people and situations too. Totally non invasive. As you awaken in the morning do it for yourself as a little New Day gift! This is good stuff. Give it a try!

The Visualization

Think of atoms. An atom is spacious. An atom can be thought of as just another version of a solar system. It seems to us to be much smaller than a solar system but for our purposes here, just forget relative size and think of each atom of your body, any body, as spacious. Maybe as spacious as a solar system.

Your body has density. It has more density than air for instance. But air has density as well. plenty of molecules in air. So viewed from a smaller perspective, a perspective that sees atoms as solar systems, there are more solar systems contained closer together in a human body than there are in the air surrounding it. It’s much the same as looking at the night sky and seeing constellations as fairly spacious and the milky way as fairly dense. Still, if you are venturing through the milky way there is plenty of space there. So that’s the set up for the arena we play in.

See your body, any body, as spacious. The atoms as simply energy. There is energy everywhere. All there is, is energy. Spacious energy. Now take a breath in through your spacious back and feel source/God (pure energy) move into you — all of you — every atom of you. Plenty of space there. Let the breath out through your spacious heart and the energy that creates worlds has just moved through you flushing out all that is not aligned with it. God moves in, God moves out. So if you take someone/something else into your space energetically and breathe that energy in and out for them as well as yourself, you have just given the balance of source/God energy to all that you have taken within. It’s good for you, it’s good for all you have taken in energetically.

You can also meditate with this daily and/or use it whenever you need anything that you feel a lack of and/or (recommended method :-)) just get in the habit of breathing God through you all the time. Trish


4 Responses to “*The God Flush”

  1. Just our vision to look at things and events in a bigger picture of Cosmic unity is enough to change of lives deeply. This whole universe is nothing but matter of matter! E

    nergy is it’s preliminary is form has to be felt and understood. Thanks for a thoughtful Blog.

  2. […] to look at the bigger picture, a perspective where it just isn’t all about me. That is how The God Flush came to me, though in the God Flush the view is from the other direction, seeing from the smaller […]

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