*A Few Words About Not Breathing

January 13, 2007

As an animal communicator I receive a lot of email from people who are dealing with the death of their beloved pets. It is a very difficult thing to lose what may seem to be our only living example of “right here, right now” unconditional love. As I have said elsewhere, unconditional love is the rule rather than the exception, but right here, right now that doesn’t appear to be true. Our animal companions are the only ones who really seem to get giving love rather than demanding it from us as humans tend to do.

This is an answer to an email I just received today and pretty much says what I want to say to those who have lost their best friends, be they human or animal.

“I am sorry to hear that you have lost such a dear friend. It is always difficult when we have to make the hard choice to help our best friends live and die with dignity. Please know that you did what was best for _______ and that he is still with you in spirit. Nothing will ever separate you from each other and your love for each other will always be deep and unconditional. That is simply true. Appearances are not true. It appears he is gone but he is not. Bodies have very little to do with anything but we can only see bodies when we look at others so we tend to think that is all there is. Still, no matter how well we understand that we are not our bodies and that those we love are not gone just because their body is no longer here, physicality is dear and their bodies are dear and we miss them so.”

So I will say this about grief, let yourself grieve physical loss of a loved one. It will diminish with time. At the same time allow your inner knowing to come forth and say “this is not all there is to life.” Life is life is life, whether we are still breathing or not. Trish


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