*If God IS Omnipresent Then What ARE We Breathing?

January 2, 2007

If you like, you can forget all the disciplines and religions and just keep breathing. Everything you want and need is there in each breath. You are IT in IT unable to be separated from IT even if you try very hard. There is no way you can go wrong. It’s nice, but not required, to enjoy the journey too. 🙂 For enjoyment choose the thoughts and actions that bring joy and leave the rest. The world will not fall apart just because you aren’t busy worrying about it. Trish


6 Responses to “*If God IS Omnipresent Then What ARE We Breathing?”

  1. Quaid Says:

    I absolutely agree. Well Done!

  2. naisioxerloro Says:

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  3. Trish Scott Says:

    Hi naisioxerloro,

    Me. Thanks. That’s the view from my ft porch at dawn.

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