*The Point of Animal Communication

December 30, 2006

If I can talk with an Iguana and find myself feeling respect, compassion and love, I can talk with any human and find something there that I have respect, compassion and love for. That, to me, is the real miracle and the ultimate goal.


7 Responses to “*The Point of Animal Communication”

  1. Your absolutely right on as usual Trish 🙂 Every living being has something to offer to the world and as such deserves the same respect and love we would want to be given to ourselves. Only by opening our eyes and hearts can we begin to evolve into the perfect beings we were meant to be and live our lives as such.

    I recently became aware of a Beluga whale named Gasper, I only learned of him as he was preparing to leave this plane for the next plane. After a life in an aquarium in Mexico under a rollar coaster living in an conditions that poisioned his body, he was rescued by the Georgia Aquarium, where the folks there dedicated themselves to trying to save his then ailing body.

    My first conversation with Gasper showed me what a gentle giant he was full of love for all mankind in spite of his past treatment. I felt I was in the water with him and that he was teaching me about love that has no bounderies with no thoughts what-so-ever about his own illness. We had many conversations over the last two weeks.

    Finally Gasper showed me the deep waters he longed to swim free in, in spite of all human efforts to save him, I knew his time to leave was near. Finally on Jan 2, 07, Gasper’s wish was granted and he left his body to swim free in the universal waters.

    His spirit remains alive for all who wish to talk to him and feel the joy and love he will share with you. His compassion for the world is a gentle reminder that we only have to reach outside of ourselves to understand great teachers are present in many forms waiting for us to expand our minds and hearts and allow their knowledge to penetrate our being. You can read more about this wonderful soul by visiting the website, http://www.georgiaaquarium.com

  2. scottfree2b Says:

    Hi Kristine. What a wonderful experience it must have been for you to learn so intimatly from Gasper. Whales are truely amazing in all that they hold for us. I am so happy you shared this experience with us here. Thanks.

  3. Tamara Says:

    I remember when my (2nd) marriage was on the serious decline and my ex and I were in the kitchen discussing, me crying and I looked up and through the doorway, through the hall, into the living room where my Labrador Buck was reclining on the couch. He was looking at me and when our eyes made contact, I could feel this instant inner peace and him saying “I am here and I love you”. I stopped crying and knew the answer, and it was fine.
    Buck left me in July of last year, but he is still here in my heart and all around me. I feel him still watching me, just from another plane.

  4. scottfree2b Says:

    I’m sorry to hear that Buck has moved on to where you can’t physically interact with him any longer. It is so sweet to be physical. It is hard when they go, we miss that so. But of course he is still with you and his love will always be there for you.

    In general heaven is where you find it, but to me it will be a place where humans are as aware that they love as deeply and unconditionally as dogs do. In the meantime husbands & wives come and go but the love of your dog will always be there :).

  5. Linda Says:

    These are touching stories. Tears welled up in my eyes reading about the Beluga whale. I love the whales and dolphins, and hope to one day swim with both.
    Tamara, that’s great that you feel your dog’s presence with you.

    I’d love to be able to communicate with my pets, and one who has passed on.

    There is so much great stuff to read on this website, thanks for putting it up Trish. 🙂

  6. scottfree2b Says:

    Hi Linda, I’m glad to meet you. If you are drawn to swimming with dolphins and whales make it a point to do so. I had a life changing experience on Penelope Smith’s dolphin adventure and most who go, do. Here is my story about all that. It may inspire you to make your desire real. http://scottfree2b.com/default.cfm?page=679 Trish

  7. Linda Says:

    It does sound like a spiritual and life changing experience. When I get the money, I’ll definitely go to that group or one similiar.

    Your dog is so cute. Mine has the same problem when he’s alone. Separation anxiety. My other, the female is very well behaved. I’m thinking he might feel something about himself similiar to how yours did. “I’m a mess”. He was rescued from a shelter, and on death row because no one adopted him.

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