*A Focus for Healing Circles

December 30, 2006

Energy can be neither created nor destroyed but it can be transformed.

Let’s just say everything is energy, everything in the universe and beyond. Energy. Let’s just say that energy is neutral non judgmental energy. All is the same in this energy. Let’s say we draw this universal neutral energy to ourselves and make of it what we like. If we like we could make it love or healing. We could make it pain and sorrow. We could make it peace. We could make it drama. Let’s say it is thought that transforms energy. Let’s just say this is true.

Our intention here tonight is to do what we can with this energy to help ______ in her journey. Individually we may have feelings about that journey that could include pain, sorrow, and confusion, feelings of helplessness and certainly loving concern but here together tonight we have come together with in the energy of loving kindness. From all that is of energy let us make loving kindness of it and pass it on to ______ with healing intention.

Let us see ______’s energy here with us now, breathe in the energy of all that is, and open our hearts to her sending loving kindness with healing intention toward her.

Those whom we come together to heal in this way give us a gift. It is not so often that we run loving energy through ourselves to others. When another is perceived to need us to send healing, they are giving us the opportunity to focus on proper use of energy, thereby enriching us. Take this gift and use it often. Trish


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