*A Few Thoughts About God

December 30, 2006

It has always bewildered me that even though it is always said that God is omnipresent, we can still insist that “He” is elsewhere. How can omnipresence exclude you and me? *****

We are God so how can we be better than a rock? Since we are one, you, me, the rock, of course none is better than the other. We are unique expressions though. The rocks around here (Grand Canyon Country) are pretty damned blatant with how spectacular they are. We can learn something from these rocks. Nurse at the great mothers breast isn’t just a metaphor. *****

We ARE one and we love each other deeply and unconditionally. We ARE the body of what we in the west generally refer to as God. Dogs understand this. It is why we love dogs. *****

You are the ONE you’ve been waiting for! *****


5 Responses to “*A Few Thoughts About God”

  1. Linda Says:

    So true… we aren’t better than the trees, oceans, animals, etc. We’re all God…
    I wonder if cats understand this, too. 😀

  2. Linda Says:

    this is Soluna from the heavenletters forum

  3. scottfree2b Says:

    “I wonder if cats understand this, too. :D”

    Only toooooo well. However, unlike dogs, they like to lord it over those of us who are still in the dark about these things. Blatantly! Most cats I have talked to about changing their names would like to be named for a god. My cat Sunny wanted to be named after the sun god Ra. He finally settled for Sunny. Another behaved much better after a name change from Baby to Thor!

    I like to say we are all here in costume. We here with the words are in human costume, some are in dog costume, some in rat costume, etc. But the cat costume comes with an ATTIDUDE!

    Like your forum name too! I take it that unlike Sunny you are equally attracted to the moon? 🙂

  4. Pam Says:

    Once when I was wandering in the Pennsylvania woods with a friend who was very good at wandering in woods and noticing things, we encountered a bird quite close by, and as I watched the bird and somehow found myself in his being, I suddenly realized that there is bird-shaped being and there is people shaped being and tree shaped being and rock shaped being, and we’re all the same Being…I know what you are talking about here. I felt so much the same as the bird…it changed forever how I saw the world.

    Since you told me that the animals understand everything we say, I have had a blast saying everything to them that people usually think but don’t say. It has become so obvious that they do understand! It is a delight to see them respond. I mean, sometimes they choose not to respond,but more often you see the change of expression, the tension go out of Pookie when I tell her I love her, the sudden talking back of Big Boy when I ask him a question (such as how he is), the relief on Sugarplum’s face when she realizes she’s still the Princess (Pookie has taken over my lap 24-7 and Sugar’s a little confused by that). I still don’t understand why Pookie claws everything in the house except the scratching post and pees almost exclusively in unmentionable places. But maybe if I keep listening, I will understand.

    Your pictures are beautiful, your thoughts pristine. Thanks for sharing them.

  5. USpace Says:

    Cool stuff, thanks…

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    I do not exist

    I am not everywhere
    in everything there is

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