Is out of the closet!!! You can now get it on Kindle!


She’s done it again. The phenomenal Lea Pihlman, who translated my book into Finnish awhile back, contacted me yesterday to ask if she might set it up for Kindle under Tailbook Press. Are you kidding? Of course!!! And when Lea decides to do something, it was done yesterday! So you can read it in Finnish from your Kindle or you can read it in English! Here it is, An Introduction To Communication With Animals And Nature – A Journey Toward Wholeness [Kindle Edition] !!!

My New CyberHome

July 3, 2013

Please visit my new website/blog. That’s where it’s all happening these days. It includes all of the archives from this blog, all of my new blog posts AND all the goodies that were on my old ScottFree2b website. This blog is a lame duck – nothing else is going to be happening here. 

Thank you thank you for your continued interest in Breathing (this blog) but honestly, we can all continue breathing in the new venue 😉 

Re-Blogging Central

May 8, 2013

As I hope many of you know already, I have moved my blogging activity to my new website On that site I have included the archives from this site. It is where my new posts will appear as well as all of my work from the old website and all of the services I offer. 

I have just discovered, though, that there is a newish wordpress perk with which you can Re-Blog a post that you like from another blogger. I love this. Problem is that it doesn’t work for self hosted sites. Actually that’s OK. I can still Re-Blog posts I think are great and they end up here! 

So this is now my official Re-Blogging place and my Official Home is It all works out. So if you like the things I am re-blogging I welcome you to my new world here!

Saturday mellow

May 4, 2013